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Egg donation procedure

Details insemination and fertilization as part of the egg donation procedure.

Insemination and fertilization

Eggs are inseminated with sperm from the partner.

The recipient's male partner produces a semen sample by masturbation (or donor semen may be used). Once the eggs have been collected, they are inseminated with the sperm of the partner of the recipient’s woman or donor sperm.

If the partner's sperm is of poor count or quality, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) may be performed.

The eggs are inspected the following day to asess fertilization. Embryos are usually ready for transfer 2-3 days after egg collection.

Problems that may occur with insemination and fertilization

  • No fertilization, this can occur even if ICSI or donor sperm is used.
  • Abnormal fertilization, these embryos do not develop normally and hence cannot be replaced.
  • Failure of the embryos to divide in spite of apparently normal fertilization.

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