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Egg donation

Details the criteria by which donors are selected for egg donation treatment cycles.

Who can become an egg donor?

Donors must be selected on a number of critria.

There are selected groups of women who may consider donating their eggs either anonymously to the egg donation pool or specifically to known friends or relatives. Egg donors are remarkable women. Their kindness and generosity will allow many childless couples to achieve their ultimate dream of having a familyNot every woman can donate eggs.

All potential egg donors should be made aware of the selection criteria adopted by the IVF center. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • All egg donors in the United Kingdom are altruistic volunteers (no incentive either financial gains or otherwise for the donor in giving her egg).Following an extensive public consultation; addressing concerns about treating donors fairly and valuing their contribution as well as the need to retain donors. The HFEA in the UK agreed new policies to improve egg donation services including the compensation that donors can receive. The new scheme will include a fixed sum of 750 per cycle of donation including expenses for egg donors (HFEA October 2011). In some states in the USA, egg donors are paid.
  • Egg donors should be healthy women, between the age of 18 and 35 years of age (between 21 and 34 in the USA).
  • Preferably, they should have had healthy children of their own.
  • No history of mental disorders.
  • There should be no family history of genetic or inheritable diseases.
  • No history of sexually transmitted disease, pelvic inflammatory disease or history of blood clot such as DVT or pulmonary embolism because of an increase risk of complications following egg collection.
  • Some centers may seek the potential egg donor's doctor as to her suitability to become a donor, and to ensure as far as possible that the donor is psychologically stable in order to donate her eggs. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommend that a woman should not donate eggs if she:
    • Has a serious psychological disorder.
    • Abuses drugs or alcohol or has several relatives who do.
    • Currently uses psychoactive medications.
    • Has significant stress in her life.
    • She is in an unstable marriage or relationship.
    • Has been physically or sexually abused and not received professional treatment.
    • Is not mentally capable of understanding or participating in the process.

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