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Egg donation

Details the screening of the recipient that must be undertaken by patients undergoing egg donation treatment.

Screening of recipient

Recipients must be screened before undergoing egg donation treatment.

The doctor may order some investigations such as ultrasound scans and hysteroscopy to assess the cavity of the womb. Additional investigations include hormone tests, checking your blood for anemia, determining your blood group and Rhesus status for matching with the donor. The doctor may recommend the patient to have a test to check her immunity to Rubella, cytomegalovirus infection and chicken pox. Recipients should be offered vaccination against rubella if nonimmune.

If the woman's age is over 40 years old, your doctor may order further investigation such as a blood sugar level, etc. because of the increased risks of obstetric complications.

Some IVF clinics will require the recipient couple to be screened for AIDS and Hepatitis B and C before being accepted onto the program.

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