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Embryo donation

Outlines the procedures adopted when preparing a female recipient for embryo transfer.

Preparing the female recipient for embryo transfer

Frozen embryo transfer is performed either in a natural cycle or hormone replacement cycle. Frozen embryo transfer in a natural cycle is only suitable for young women with regular menstrual cycles and regular ovulation.

Older women and women without functioning ovaries will be given hormone replacement treatment to prepare the endometrium (lining of the womb) for implantation. She may or may not be given a GnRh agonist (depends on whether or not she is regularly menstruating). The hormone replacement consists of natural estradiol pills or patches, and later adds progesterone in the form of injection or vaginal tablets, pessaries or gel. The recipient woman will have vaginal ultrasound scans performed and blood tests in order to check her response and confirm good development of the endometrium prior to embryo transfer.

The recipient needs to continue taking her estrogen and progesterone until a pregnancy test is performed about two weeks after embryo transfer. In the happy event that the pregnancy test is positive. The recipient women need to continue taking her hormone replacement drugs. If the pregnancy test is negative, she will be advised to stop her medication.

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