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Examines the role of a counselor regarding pregnancy after treatment.

Pregnancy after infertility treatment

What is the role of a counselor?

Infertile couples have to go through a tremendous amount of financial, physical and mental effort in order to have a child. They have already invested enormously. During the treatment the patient usually focuses on becoming pregnant. However, clinical experience shows that anxiety and stress are both increased after infertility treatment compared with women who are not infertile.

Couples are anxious about the risk of miscarriage, multiple pregnancy and fetal reduction, fetal abnormalities, and also the fear of being separated from the baby after it is born for one reason or an other. This is especially problematic if they have already had previous experience.

The patient who used donor sperm or embryo also experiences a lot of worries and anxiety about the baby-father, baby-mother, and baby-parents relationship. Moreover, there is an anxiety about the physical characteristics of the baby.

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