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Artificial insemination

Details intrafallopian and intraperitoneal insemination as methods of artificial insemination.

IntraFallopian insemination (IFI) and intraperitoneal inseminations (IPI)

The intraFallopian and intraperitoneal insemination techniques are not commonly used. The procedures are more invasive and there is no firm evidence that they result in higher success rates compared to intrauterine insemination (IUI).

The procedures for intraFallopian insemination (IFI) and intraperitoneal insemination (IPI)

The steps of treatment are similar to IUI until insemination. For intraFallopian insemination (IFI), the washed sperm is injected into one Fallopian tube using a special plastic catheter. For intraperitoneal insemination (IPI) the washed sperm is injected through the top of the vagina into the peritoneal cavity next to the entrance of the Fallopian tubes using a special needle. The procedure is usually performed under ultrasound guidance.

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