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Steps involved in artificial insemination

Outlines the insemination procedure, and the instruments used.

What is the insemination procedure?

Intrauterine insemination procedure.

This insemination procedure is simple and takes about 5-10 minutes. It involves insertion of a speculum into the vagina to visualize the cervix. The cervix is then cleaned with a little culture medium. The washed sperm is then injected into the cavity of the womb using a fine plastic catheter. IUI is a relatively painless procedure that many women describe as being similar to a cervical smear (Pap smear). It is advisable to keep the bladder full at the time of insemination as this makes the procedure easier. If, however, the womb is tilted backwards, The patient will be advised to have an empty Bladder The woman is able to resume normal activity immediately after intrauterine insemination.

Should one or two inseminations be done per cycle?

Most fertility experts believe that one well-timed IUI is sufficient.Cantineau et al.(2010) reported that double IUI resulted in more pregnancies than single IUIin stimulated IUI cycles. Double IUI appeared to be more effective where a higher number of dominant follicles were available.

After insemination, the patient may be asked to rest for a short period of time following insemination. Custers et al.(2009) reported that immobilization for 15 minutes after IUI significantly increased ongoing pregnancy rates and live birth rates compared to immediate mobilization. Sexual intercourse can continue as normal during the treatment cycle.

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