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Risks and complications of IVF treatment

Details failure of treatment as the most common complication of IVF treatment.

Failure of IVF treatment and Psychological complications

It is important to know the risks before embarking on IVF treatment.

Failure is the most common complication of treatment. The likely reasons for this failure are

Canceled cycles (approximately 10% of treatment cycles will be abandoned before egg collection). In general, the older the woman the higher the cancellation rate and women over 42 expect up to 22% cancellation.

Failure to collect eggs (about 1%)

Failure of fertilization (about 5%)

Failure of embryo implantation (this could be due to defective embryo or defective endometrium, or poor synchronization).

A significant portion of normal embryos are chromosomally abnormal and this proportion increases with advanced maternal age.

Psychological complications of failed IVF

The IVF (in-vitro fertilization) procedure is considered by some, to be one of the most stressful infertility treatments. Failure of treatment can result in emotional strain which may tear relationships apart, psychological stress and depression. Danish reaearchers estimate that couple who had had failed IVF are three times more likely to separate than those who go on to have a baby. Additionally, there are problems with self image and sense of loss of hope. Some couples may require psychological counseling. In addition, couples may encounter psychological difficulties if a multiple pregnancy occurs. Some may encounter the additional economic burden that result from the treatment.

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