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Risks and complications of IVF treatment

Details the main side-effects of using fertility drugs for ovarian stimulation.

Side effects of fertility drugs

There are several complications with the use of fertility drugs.

Very few patients experience side effects with the use of fertility drugs. Side effects of fertility drugs include local reactions e.g. mild bruises and soreness at the site of injections. This is more common with HMG preparations than purified or recombinant FSH. There is also a small risk of a generalized allergic reaction.

Other drugs such as GnRh analogues may cause headaches, mood changes, hot flushes and vaginal dryness in some women, etc. these are usually short-lived and are no cause for concern.

Approximately 15% of patients will develop functional cysts while on GnRH agonists regimes. These cysts may produce estrogen, and sometimes are associated with a poor IVF outcomes. If this happens, the patient will be advised to continue taking GnRH agonist drugs until the cysts resolve by themselves. Aspiration of the cyst may be required.

Although most blood clot events following IVF treatment are associated with OHSS, some may be related to ovarian stimulation without OHSS especially in women at risk of thrombosis such as women with thrombophilia.,/p>

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