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Details baseline assessment of patients about to embark on IVF treatment.

Baseline assessment

The baseline assessment is very important to ensure that you are ready to start IVF treatment. It involves having an ultrasound scan and a blood sample.

An ultrasound scan is performed, preferably vaginal scan as it gives a better image compared to an abdominal scan. The scan is used to check the lining of the womb and ovaries. It will diagnose abnormalities such as ovarian cysts, endometrium polyps, etc.

A blood sample is usually taken to measure hormone levels such as Estradiol, LH, FSH and AMH to assess ovarian reserve. The levels of these hormones may give an idea about the expected response to ovulation stimulation drugs. For instance, high levels of FSH may indicate poor response to ovarian stimulation, poor pregnancy rates and high rates of pregancy loss regardless of age when compared with women who have normal results.

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