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by lorraineg
Sun Mar 04, 2007 8:31 pm
Forum: Parents after treatment
Topic: My miracle baby Chloƫ Mae
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Hi Dagny I am so thrilled by your news. I do not get time to come on here very often, I am not sure what made me look tonight but I am so glad I did. You and Tracey S always had so many words of inspiration and comfort to so many of us and I have occasionally looked for news of you both. Words canno...
by lorraineg
Mon Sep 25, 2006 9:09 pm
Forum: Parents after treatment
Topic: Anyone have live birth after IVF age 40 or older?
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Hi I was 36 when my DH no 2 and I started to try for a much longed for pregnancy.We tried unsuccessfully for 2 years before embarking on IVF. Our first (and only) try ended in failure. We could not afford another go and were told that our chances of conceiving naturally were almost nil. I was lucky ...
by lorraineg
Mon Mar 13, 2006 9:21 pm
Forum: Pregnant after treatment
Topic: SHOCK - Natural Pregnancy
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Just wanted to add my congratulations and say that this too happened to me. After an unsucessful 1st attempt at IVF we were told that it was almost impossible for us to conceive naturally. Less than 3 months later I was pregnant and now have a baby girl 15 months old. ALSO it has happened again, am ...
by lorraineg
Mon Mar 13, 2006 9:08 pm
Forum: Life after IVF
Topic: How do you decide
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Hi Traci I have not been on this site for ages (Amelia keeps me way too busy) but I have been so moved by reading your posts and I wanted to say that I often think of you. No one can help you with decisions, just know that we all keep you in our thoughts...not much consolation I know! With my love a...
by lorraineg
Fri Aug 05, 2005 11:14 am
Forum: Parents after treatment
Topic: Happy First Birthday Emily and Alice Sharp!
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I hope you are having a lovely day with your daughters Tracey, jelly on the carpet and all that!

Think of you all often and hoping you are all well...

Love and best wishes
Lorraine G
by lorraineg
Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:25 pm
Forum: Parents after treatment
Topic: After a C-section
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I had simlilar problems with my scar. After a lot of messing about I finally ended up with 4 courses of simultaneous antibiotics which got rid of the infection - this was 12 weeks post delivery I might add! One thing which the hospital did tell me was that if there IS an infection you need to have s...
by lorraineg
Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:15 pm
Forum: Parents after treatment
Topic: How are all our wonder-babies??
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I have loved reading about your beloved children - my Amelia is now 8 months old, still a little small for her age but developing as she should. She has 2 bottom teeth and eats whatever we give her but her favourite food is a small piece of cheese (white stilton with apricots!). She says dada, and l...
by lorraineg
Tue Jul 19, 2005 6:34 pm
Forum: Parents after treatment
Topic: From Gila! Remember me????
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Ofcourse I remember you all - don't know if you will remember me! I gave birth to Amelia last November 25th - she is now 8 months old and a beautiful, contented baby. I have just posted a picture of her which was taken on Christmas day - I will post some new ones when I get chance to update them on ...