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1st time IVF and hoping I'm not alone

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1st time IVF and hoping I'm not alone

Postby luce » Fri Sep 13, 2002 7:11 am

Hi there<br><br>I have been reading these forums for a few weeks and listening to your stories. It is good to know that you're all out there, and that there's somewhere to come for support - the time has finally come for us to begin our first cycle, and today I started sniffing.<br><br>I have no clue what to expect from the down-reg. Can anyone offer experiences of whether it delays AF etc - just really want to know what to expect, timings, and want to know if there's anyone else out there at the same stage.<br><br>Hope to hear from some of you soon<br><br>Luce
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1st time IVF and hoping I'm not alone

Postby Kimmy » Thu Sep 19, 2002 3:24 pm

Hi Luce,<br><br>Welcome to the board, you have found a good site here as the girls are so knowledgable and supportive.<br><br>I have had one round of IVF, just about to start my 2nd, so I can share with you my experince. I started Buserelin (down regs) on day 21 until AF arrived. Unfortunately Af was delayed by 1 week, which was really annoying as I was keen to start the stims. I was told this is quite normal! Once AF arrived I then waited 2 days and went for a scan to check all was ok to start stims. I then started Gonal F, together with a smaller dosage of buserelin for 12 days, during which time I had to go every other day for scans to keep a check on my follicles. I was then given a HCG injection and my egg retrieval was 2 days later. I had 10 eggs retrieved and 5 of them fertilised. We had 2 put back in 2 days later. Then comes the worst part!!!! The 2WW, I really found this the hardest part of the IVF process. Unfortunately this IVF ended in a chemical pregnancy, so now I am starting all over again, although this time I am on a short protocol which means that I only have to take stims and no down regulating, yippee!!! So hopefully my egg collection will be around the end of sept.<br><br>I wish you tons of luck and keep us posted<br>Lisa
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