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Post by Charity » Wed Jan 03, 2007 7:30 pm

Darn it Aunty...I was hoping for a miracle for you and dh...Rats! :wink:
Do you still do your baseline on Friday if she's not here by then? Just wondering how your clinic works, or if the b*tch could end up costing you more time?! I hate her...She truly is a "curse"... :twisted:

Souris...Woohoo!! You got a plan chickie!! Feels so damn good, doesn't it!? It's good to see you...France here you come!!

Julie...You little sh*t...You made me cry at work! :wink: Thank you for your words, not because of the attention, but to know that I'm helping someone means a ton to me...You have no idea... :) One day closer to our SUPERBABIES...Dadadutadadah...They fly in with their red capes...Did you see them? Okay...Not sure if you followed my imagination there, but I heard the horns and saw the red cape of the little super embies flying by, and couldn't help sharing my daydream... :lol:

Sophie (PMApsy)...Glad you stopped by! You're welcome to flit and float between the boards if you like...There's no rules here and whenever we can help one another that's exactly where we're "supposed" to be...I'm a flitterer, aren't I Aunty!?! (Like my new made-up word? Flitterer :lol: ) Good to see you, and I have been reading you on the dec/jan board...I'm confused why you changed your sign-on though? I liked Sophia flamenca...Had flare and personality...You're on google with that user name!! I couldn't believe it! I checked to make sure I had the spelling correct, and it actually came up! You're famous! :lol:

Nims...Darn it about the job!! :evil: The "man" will pay for holding you down...Yeah on the holiday!! 6 days! I'm so jealous... :wink: Good luck on the appt and b/w...You're on your way!!

Jeck?!? Where are you?!? Miss you... :wink:

Hey! I finally made an acupunture appointment! I go in on Friday right before my baseline...That will be my first time, so we'll see how it goes...I took the whole day off cause I've been working all weekend and all hours, so tough if they don't like it! :wink: I don't really care at the moment...Nahnahnahnahnah...We're gonna have a baby, and there's no stopping us!! Not even "the man"... :lol: Kind of in a goofy mood, so forgive if you're not able to follow...I can hear exactly how I would be saying all this in my head, but not always the easiest to read...Oh well! Either you get it and you think I'm a nut, or you don't and you think I'm a nut...Either way, I'm a nut! :) Take care ladies and gent...Love you all!!
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Post by PMApsy » Wed Jan 03, 2007 10:08 pm

LOL Charity!

Hello sweetie! I'm glad you're happy to see me here! :oops: As far as Google is concerned, you curious and nosy little one, I typed "Sophia flamenca" and got absolutely no link that lead to me, except one for this forum! What did you get??? :?

I changed the nickname precisely because people kept calling me Sophia or were confused between Sophia and Sophie (and your post was a fine example!). My name is Sophie, not Sophia. Think about it; if your name is Mary, you don't like to be called Maria... just doesn't fit. I chose my usual nickname, ZahariaCelestina, the first time I registered, but I gave a hotmail email and for some reason, I never got the confirmation email... the profile was never completed and now that email is blocked because here you can't register with the same email twice... it's complicated! ;) So I tried twice and then I had to pick another (third) nickname... I picked Sophia flamenca thinking I would be able to change it later. Nope! I had to use yet another email to change it for PMApsy. So long story short... Sophia flamenca was not my first choice anyway! Had I thought I would stick around here for so long, I would have given it more thought! ;)

Sorry if my new nickname doesn't have flare and personality for you! :?

As for fluttering between threads, I'll definitely keep doing it! :D

Take care,

Sophie 8)
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Post by vicky77 » Wed Jan 03, 2007 10:28 pm

Hey girls, I leave you alone a couple of hours and look how much I have to read!!! :lol: .......ok lets go one by one...

Souris....congratulations on your schedule!!!, it is so great to finally know what is going to happen!!. So begining of February is your lucky date!!!.....Regarding your question, yes, I am still spotting :( , it has been almost 2 weeks now, so I don't know.......but I did a ovulation test yesterday and it was positive!!, could it be a false positive????....I will do a couple more in the next couple of days, if it is still positive in a couple of days then maybe it was false positive, if it turns negative, then I guess it is real.......

Adjecker.... i am glad you could understand your schedule a little better, yes, I guess maybe you are looking to beginnig of March, I think we will both be very close in our cycles, since I believe I will also be starting BCP's by the end of January.....

Nimble.......sorry to hear about the struggle at work, I hope everything turns out ok. Regarding the diet, I am still sticking to it, I started yesterday though (after the holidays, of course :wink: ), I am doing the low carb diet, and I am having bad time withdrawal for bread :lol: .......I think by next week I will have to be admitted and have IV bread......but will try to do my best, I want to lose those extra pounds before starting!!!

Charity, you make me laugh girl!!! :lol: ......good luck with your acupuncture!!!!!, you are more than entitled to a day off work, I think I should follow your steps!!!! :wink:

Everyone, I have a question, did any of you have a positive ovulation test 2 weeks after D&C, even when still having some spotting??? :shock:

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Post by ajdecker » Wed Jan 03, 2007 11:49 pm

You are right, people seem to be the same all over the world. Guess you've heard quite a bit of similar things yourself, huh. Well, what can you do. I think I'll have to come up with some great one-liners of sarcasm the next time someone goes spouting off or is asking too many questions. hehe Also, sorry to hear about that job situation. Maybe the next offer they give to you will really be worth waiting for. Hope that works out better soon. I'm sorry that I don't know what hols is, I'm guessing that you are going on vacation? Where will you be going? Someplace sunny? I have always wanted to take a trip to your side of the world...maybe someday.

Charity, you are too funny. Yes I saw those capes! ImageEven those long horns with pink and blue flags attached to them! How awesome is that!! Yes, you are a nut, but I get you, which maybe says something about me too! lol
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Sorry it's been so long.

Post by sat14 » Thu Jan 04, 2007 1:23 am

Hi everyone! I have been absent too long and been trying to play catch up. It is almost impossible for me to remember all of the posts but I did read five or six pages worth.

I would like to welcome all of the newbies and especially our new husband. Welcome aboard Tlh222!!!! I think it is amazing that you are here. I only wish that my husband would try to understand how he could make this easier for me! You deserve the husband of the year award as far as I'm concerned.

Charity, I don't know how you do it. How in the world do you find time to keep up with all of this and give all of this wonderful advice???? You are a gem!

To all my little loves that have a plan, congrats! To everyone starting stims, the very best of luck.

To all the girls new to IVF and injectables, please don't hesitate to ask! It really is a piece of cake. Aside from the bruising on my belly and my weight gain :evil: , and the evil, evil mood swings, NO BIGGIE!

Seriously, we are all in this together, and I am so glad that I have you guys to support me. I have been away for the last few days and now university has started back up again after the break. I have been glued to the computer writing paper after paper.
I am so sorry I neglected you all for so long! I am glad to be back. Thanks to my UK friends for letting me know where you are located. I think it's amazing that some of us are on the other side of the world and we are still so connected! Happy New Year to all. Talk to you tomorrow.

January 5th follow up to failed IVF cycle...
Going to the Philippines in Feb, then starting stims...
Looks like I might have to find a new set of buddies. :(
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Post by jeck » Thu Jan 04, 2007 2:04 am


I have been stalking you!!! 3 more days till stims!!! WooHoo!!! I am so excited for you!!! I can't wait!!!!

I have been planning my trip to go see Jaden!! We are going Feb 7-12 and I am counting down the days!!!

What are you tentive dates for ER and ET??

Good Luck to you all!!!

Lots of love and Prayers!!!
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Post by Charity » Thu Jan 04, 2007 3:00 am

Jeck!! You're there!! It's really you!! Kidding Kiddo!! WOWZER!! February 7th!! That's one month and four days away...Dh is going too, right?! How fricken awesome!!


Thanks for the well wishes girly! I am getting nervous...Had a dream that the doctor was about to tell me something really important, and then I woke up!! I told dh about it, and he said, "oh no...Already with the dreams!!" :lol: Then, when I told him which doctor, my RE, (my RE isn't a hottie) and then he looked discouraged...He said that if I were going to dream about a doctor is should be a hot one, at least...Goofy Butt! The only hottie in my dreams is dh! Okay...Not the ONLY one, but we'll keep that between us... :lol: No hard-set dates, but suspect it will be around the 19th for the ER...I'm not even talking about an ET at this point...Didn't have one last time, so not wanting to count any eggs before they're hatched...And yes, that was said with pun intended... :lol: Still a little goofy...But you already know I'm a whale penis!! :lol: I'm SOOOOOO happy for you and dh!! Jaden is going be held by his mommy and daddy...Yeah yeah yeah...To bond at last!! I can't sit still...I can't even image what you must be feeling like!! You must be on...

Susan!! It's so good to see you again! So, you're a student and going through all this!? You're MY hero!! How do YOU do it!!??!? Friday is right around the corner...Maybe some news that will help answer some questions, or at least give you direction for the next cycle. The Philippines...Ahhhhh...That's me drifting and visualizing of the tropical exotic destination of sun, tranquility, and nothing but relaxation...Good for you!

Julie...What a perfect pic!! Exactly what I had pictured!!

Vicky...thanks on the well wishes with acu...I hope I love it as much as all the other ladies do. I could use a little calming down, so am looking forward to seeing if a few needles strategically placed could unwind me...Hubby says I've been wound really tight lately...So, anything will help at this point...

Sophie...Yeah...Google brought me here...That's what I meant...It is YOU, though...The other links wouldn't have been YOU...Other Sophia flamanca links, but not YOU...You know what's really strange is I had "Sophie" typed, and then thought I had it wrong, so changed it, was already a half hour past my lunch, and didn't trust my first instinct... :oops: Guess you're right on the confusion thing...Yeah...I get "Chastity" all the time. I suppose there's worse things they could call me...And a few probably have... :wink: Oh...and PMApsy has a ton of flare, just not the flare of flamanca dancing in a saucy red strappy dress & heels...That's the image that popped in my head with your other sign-on is all...Now, I think of a psychologist who's there to give Positive Mental Attitude...Very noble and honorable, but just a different image in my head is all...We all know that it's kinda cluttered in there, so doesn't hold a lot of weight anyway...Well...Except for the marbles that is...Hope it didn't come out wrong, though... :( You know what's funny? You used the example of if your name was Mary and being called Maria...My sister's name is Mary, and I actually do call her Maria! She's MariaChiquitaBananaFananaManinaAvocado...She's a goofy butt too, and giggles everytime I say it...You gotta say it really fast though... :lol: Thought it was funny that you used that example...

Well...Gotta go to bed now, but love you all bunches and bunches...
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Post by annag » Thu Jan 04, 2007 4:27 am

Hi ladies and gent, I just wanted to let you all know that this thread has made me understand this whole process better and has alleviated my fears to some extent. I just don't have anybody else to talk to as everyone I know have never had any problems getting preggers. Anyway, I'm still new to the thread thing so I'm sorry if I don't have any pm's but I do enjoy reading all your messages. As for me, I'm going for a little trip to California tomorrow for 5 days. I'm sure I'll be missing a lot in those next few days- but I'll be sure to catch up when I get back. Anyway, I told my boss today I decided to go ahead with the IVF just so he would be supportive when time comes for my multiple clinic apptmts hence missing all hrs at work. Thank goodness he handled it pretty well and said "you have to do what you have to do" . Went to the bookstore today and got myself Zita West's book that I've heard so much about and a couple of IVF books for my airplane reading material. :lol: So will catch up with you guys next week...
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Post by NickiMark » Thu Jan 04, 2007 8:24 am

Hiya Anna, thx for ur message over the page!! Great to see you are trying again!!!

As for me, everyone. I have a feeling that IVF might not happen in Feb, it's pushing it really, as the egg share appointment not til 28 jan, and then Af due 10feb, so doubt it'll happen now, more like on march AF to start down regging i think!!

But hey lets wait 'n' see!!

Lv and hugs

Nicki xx
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Post by nimble » Thu Jan 04, 2007 9:45 am

Good morning ladies,

well just come back from our appt and sitting here in shock at the cost of our next cycle... it is unbelieveable how much more isci is going to be!! Plus the clinic have put their prices up starting 01Feb..... just can't believe that these places have no conscious at putting up prices for this sort of treatment, makes me angry and that we have to pay for all the admin costs as well as another initial appt costs......aaarrrrggghhhh :evil:
But apart from all that, it looks like we are all ok to ahead when ever we are ready. I'm due AF any day now but have said that we would not start this month and wait until after our holiday. So looks I'm def going to be a end of Feb girl.

So Nicki, I won't be much in front of you, so we hopefully can cycle together.

Anna - we are here anytime for you. The zita west books are good! Enjoy your trip to California - hope it is nice and sunny.

Jeck - hey we were missing you too. You must be so excited about your trip. I think it is truly amazing in what you are doing and Jaden is such a lucky boy to have such wonderful parents.

Charity - my friend - your posts do amuse me and so understand where you are coming half the time so we must be all nuts! I have wreid dreams all the time, sometimes I remember them and sometimes I just know that I had some vivid dreams, but yours with a DR, uumm must be a good sign. :)
good luck with the accu - i find it works wonders, Im so much more relaxed and chilled out especially at work. Hasn't taken away pmt but I'm much better than I am usually - not such a dragon this time round!

Good luck with your baseline tomorrow - I'm with you all the way x

Susan - writing papers hey, sounds very good - what do you write them on? Admire you, very much a pictorial person me...rather get my point across using diagrams and piccies not very good at putting words to paper. Have a great time in the phillipines - I'm likely to miss you as I go away next week so not likely to speak until end of jan :(
Hope your appt goes well tomorrow.

Aj - sorry terminology yes hols means vacation for you....going to langkawi in Malaysia. Come and visit us over the pond anytime although a wee bit cold at the mo so don't come now.

Vicky - good luck on the diet, I did have a chocolate fest last night but am going to go to the gym tonight and run loads. Went to body pump on tuesday night and can just about walk today, let alone sit down to go to the loo :? - the squats have finished me off! I think bread is the hard thing to cut out so hold on there girl.

PMApsy (sophie ) you and charity have completely confused me! I hope i;m right in calling you sophie!

Right off to have bloods done - have a great day everyone and sorry if I have missed anyone off

nimble xx
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Post by Jen1d » Thu Jan 04, 2007 12:37 pm

:lol: Hi girls

Sorry i haven't been around. Had 7 days off work at new year after working christmas and i've been in bed with the cold. Went back to the Dr yesterday and they delivered the lovely news that i now have a chest infection---told them that last week but they wouldn't listen :roll: . Was due back at work today but am staying off, will dope myself up with antibiotics and maybe go in tomorrow.
Will try and catch up with all your news and chat soon.

Ok off to chill out

Thinking of you all

Love Jen x
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Post by jemima » Thu Jan 04, 2007 2:27 pm

Hi Girls,

Charity, He is getting better now. Thanks a lot. You are right decision to go to donor very difficult to decide. I had also kept the idea from DH for a year, I didn't want hurt him. He suggested first cause as a MD He knew he won't make it. But a lot success, Im sure you too sweetie...

Souris, Wohoo... Im so excited for you! I can't belive adoption is difficult in France. France is big country. OMG!!! I can't believe you are so close. I don't want miss anything, I will watch you :D

Nimble, thanks. I reschedule my IVF. It will be around Feb 20th. DH still wants the adoption. But he doesn’t want to do like most people here. Waiting in hospital :shock: He wants to do officially with agen. So far He is still searching for the agen. I only have 1 vial left. So this IVF probably will be my last attempt. I have made a peace with that. If it failed n none of frozen, I know that God will bless us as a parents, only the IVF isn't the way. Im so glad you start again. My prayer always be with you n DH.

Hi to everyone else. :D :D

Luv, Jemma
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Newbie here...

Post by pep23 » Thu Jan 04, 2007 3:33 pm

Hi all. I'm new to this forum so sorry for crashing the party!! :)

I've been on another message board for a while and I feel like I'm not getting the support I need. DH and I have chosen not to tell many people about our situation so I need all the advice I can get from my "virtual friends" !!

Quick bakground....I'm 28 and DH is 29. We've been married just over 2 years and TTC #1 for a little over a year. Spent the first year bouncing back and forth between doctors b/c I had very irregular periods after stopping bcp which eventually stopped for good. I was told I was "subclinical hypothyroid" and put on medication but still have only had one period on my own and one with Provera.

We were about to go the Clomid route and decided to have DH tested just in case. It turns out he has very low count (1.5 mil), low motility (approx. 20%) and ZERO normal shaped. So....that was a shocker but I'm glad we didn't waste another year of Clomid and IUIs.

So...we are now starting our journey to IVF/ICSI. We had all of our bloodwork done before Xmas and I go in today for my HSG...NERVOUS!!! And then I think the plan is to put me on Provera and start my bcp to gear us up for a February cycle!!!

I'm so nervous and excited and anxious all at the same time. Some days I feel so positive that this is going to work for us and DH and I will be holding our little one by the end of the year (What a GREAT 30th Bday present that would be for him!!!) And then I have these days where I see a prego and all I can think is "That will never be me..." I am amazed at how many of my friends take getting pregnant for granted and just expect it and it happens so easy. When I have moments where I can't even fathom what it will be like or how I'll feel....or if it will ever happen?! Such a roller coaster.

Anyway, sorry for my rant but I'm so thankful to have places like this where I can talk to people who understand the situation and I look forward to getting to know you all. Let's hope that 2007 brings us all our very own little miracles!!!!


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Post by ajdecker » Thu Jan 04, 2007 4:07 pm

Great to have you on this board with us! These women here are so great and its really wonderful to be able to talk with people from all over the world. We are also starting our first IVF. I am waiting for AF to come and then be on bcp. I also have hypothyroidism. I am on a med that I take every morning but no interference with my periods at all. Hope to hear more from you, looking forward to sharing your journey.
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Post by beachbaby » Thu Jan 04, 2007 6:07 pm

Hi all, can i butt in here, i cycled with Vicky in Nov 06, and have joined the Dec/Jan buddies i start my 2nd FET cycle (drug controlled) Jan 10th.
Hi Vicky glad to see your doing better, can't beleive your ready to jump straight back in, I hope i could be as strong. take care, FET is much easier.

Tlh222, My DH and myself had been ttc for 3 years before i went to the doctors due to my own views that i did not want to go the IVF route, I went to see if there was a problem, a small sperm issue and i have borderline hyperthyroid. i was still adamant i did not want IVF and put off the referral another 2 months, at this stage we still had no answers to why we wre not conceiving, that was the main reason i took it further, when all the tests came back, we were advised to go straight to ICSI as my DH sperm has two problems neither major, but due to 2 issues isci was a better option. My DH wants children so badley i agreed to give it a go, i was very scared and it felt wrong, i was always of the beleif what will be will be. By the time we got to start another year had gone past.I have now done one full icsi cycle and one frozen cycle where i git a chemical pregnancy, i start my 2nd FET next week. I am totally comitted to having a baby and my initial reservations i feel were due to the unknown i would recommend to anybody to try once and then decide if its not for you. I know this forum has helped me a great deal and my DH is a rock, he did all my shots for me as we wanted to both be involved and he had so little to do except look after me, he feels extremly guilty that i have to go through this for us to have a baby. its not his fault its just the way it has to be.
By the way my In laws tried for 5 years befor they had my DH, and a further 14 years before my Bil was born, but the dr says its not hereditory!!!!!!!!!!!!

pep23 i also got diagnosed with hyperthyroid but only borderline, it never affected my periods. Althugh they are still trying to stabalise it a year on, i think all the if drugs screw it up.

Anyway enough waffle from me good luck everyone, i will keep in touch from time to time.
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