hi everyone!1

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hi everyone!1

Post by amanda-jane » Sat Jan 06, 2007 4:23 pm

hi everyone!
just wanted to say hi. i'm new to this and i'm on line on this wet afternoon.
we are starting icsi in march and just wondered if anyone had any tips like reflexology or accupuncture?
also feeling pretty low as everyone around us seems to be getting pregnant so easily, i still watch my cycle every month in the hope we fall pregnant :?


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Post by Lis » Sat Jan 06, 2007 5:01 pm

Hi Amanda-Jane and welcome! That's great you'll be going for first icsi. I've not got any pearls of wisdom on acu or reflexology apart from to say give it a go! Like you I am contemplating one or the other. From what I read on here acupuncture seems to be what a lot of girls go for so if you're not too scared of needles then maybe you might want to try that first.

Sorry you've been feeling so low. If its any consolation ALL us ladies on here feel just like you at different times but you have come to the right place beacuse the ladies on here as so supportive :lol: so you'll never feel alone. Last year when my dh was diagnosed with no sperm my sis in law and two close friends got pg and it was awful as it seemed everywhere I turned there was baby chat or women with bumps and it drove me crazy. The day my dh and I got final lab results to say he has never had sperm, my friend gave birth followed by the other friend 6 weeks later then during my first donor insemination tmt my sis in law gave birth. Those months were so tough. When you feel down we're aall here to support you.

I'm sure you'll get the answers you need about the reflex. / acu on here from someone - that's the great thing about this site - someone always knows! :wink:

Best of luck with your tmt xxxxx
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Post by kia1973 » Sun Jan 07, 2007 12:43 am

i'm new to this site also.

and i know exactly how you feel, my sister-in-law is 7 months now thro IVf and it was so hard to see that fat tummy!!!!!!

but it will be our turn soon :) :)

keep ur hopes up and ingers crossed we are all with you
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Post by NickiMark » Sun Jan 07, 2007 9:53 am

Hiya, and Welcome!!!

Hope u fit in here good!!

I am new to IVF hope to start around March too, it'll be my 1st IVF but i have had 5 iuis, and been trying to get pg since 2001....

Hope we can help ya on the journey!!

Ive had reflexology, its did chill me out but not sure whether it helps with getting preg, but if u wanna do it, go for it x x
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Post by nimble » Sun Jan 07, 2007 7:01 pm

Hi amanda-jane and Kia - welcome to this site - its a great place and everyone I have met have been extremely supportive. Its a great place to get advice too and also just to share experiences as well as let off steam now again.

I'm about to go again with IVF but this time with ICSI and also doing accupuncture this with it - whether it works or not, for me every bit helps if it means I get my BFP!

Good luck with your cycle - you will see that there some threads for those cycling around the same time - it is great when your going through it at the same time.

Nimble xx
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Post by nerms » Sun Jan 07, 2007 7:13 pm

hi amanda-jane...welcome, i'm pretty new to this forum...dh suggestged i join..and since i have i'm hooked-keep checking!!

I hope to start ICSI soon for the first time-prob feb if all goes to plan...so i'll be reporting back on all the things to expect!

all the best

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Post by amanda-jane » Tue Jan 09, 2007 10:15 pm

hi guys thanx for all the support
i'm def gonna give accupuncture and reflexology a try and let you know also i'll be tryin to get dh to have the needles!!! i'll let you know how it goes, tryin to feel positive but it feels like d day is comin soon!!

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Post by meg12 » Wed Jan 10, 2007 5:08 am

This is probably a really stupid question, but oh well---What's reflexology?


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