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Postby JackieT » Wed Aug 28, 2002 8:30 pm

hi all, i have just joined the site and i am so pleased to find other people are going through i.v.f. i thought i was alone as i could find no info anywhere. i am 38 and DH is 36. this is our first attempt and we are so scared, i am on my day 3 of my 2WW. and feel so pre-menstral. i am doing all they said at the clinic{homerton}. but was wondering if any one had any tips? we did not have any eggs to freeze so we will have to start at beginning again if not succesful, but i am not going to be negative. i have to keep hoping and praying.<br>p.s how soon can i test? thanks love jackie
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Postby Helen » Wed Aug 28, 2002 10:08 pm

Hello...brand new to site as of yesterday, have read loads of stuff and its great to know I have somewhere to ask silly questions.<br>OK...Im 31 and hubby is 34. Our problem is low mobility, lots of sperm but the little sods cant swim!!<br>Have been actively (you know what I mean!) trying to get pregnant for 8 years, in the last 2 years had five IUI's three on clomiphene and two on metrodin and have been told that our only hope is IVF, ICSI to be precise.<br>Right now I am waiting for my period (which is 2 days late) and then it all begins and I am truly scared as hell. <br>I am not very good at the 'wait and see' parts of life therefore have suffered a bit throughout all the fertility tests etc. so Im glad to know this site is here as I think I will need it, hubby not good at 'talking' about stuff, especially feelings.<br>Helen x<br>
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Postby emma8 » Fri Aug 30, 2002 8:09 am

Hi, New to site last week.<br>Me 34, hubby 29!( I know, I know!)Trying for 4 years. Had 2 IuI's with nothing, then had cysts lasered and fell pregnant twice, both miscarriages at 8 weeks. Have been told cysts back so about to start ivf (apprently I do not ovulate) hubby all ok. I have crohns which does not help things and am on steroids but like some of you am constantly on a diet! Will be doing our one free go at St Thomas's in London. Really nice to read about others with the same probs except bit lost when it comes to all the abbrevations! <br>ps am dislexsic so excusr bad spelling.<br>thanks emma8
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Postby Charmaine » Thu Sep 05, 2002 10:06 am

Me - 33 years and Partner 37 - Longed for a baby 7 years ago. Had a history of Gynaecological problems (laparoscopy,Colcoscopy, Hystocopy, Polycystic Ovaries, adhesions, cancerous cells, PID - you name it I've had.)<br><br>Because of the PID Fallopian tubes were damaged - offered IVF - suffered with OHSS - then had FET but MC at 6.5 weeks. Fell pregnant naturally but again MC at 6 weeks gave up!!! Went back to see gyne who also worked in the IVF field and had another IVF attempt. Became pregnant and have a wonderful son now aged 3years. Recently had two eptopic pregnancies which resulted in the loss of both my tubes and one ovary. Now TODAY staring my course of IVF - and am more nervous than the first time round. :)<br><br>So glad that I have found this site.<br><br>Charmaine<br>x<br>
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Postby Becs » Thu Sep 05, 2002 2:34 pm

Dear all<br>Just logged on after a week off and think its a great idea for everyone to introduce themselves.<br>I'll be brief - me 30 DH also 30 our problem very similar to lots of others he has a poor sperm count (<10%) so ICSI our only option. <br>Awaiting appointment at ARGC - they seem to have a waiting list now since their good results were published last week. So no date for us yet as to when we will start. I will however be following all of you closely and keeping everything crossed. <br>Great to find this site and thanks to Fiona for her run down on IVF - it is all starting to make sense a little more now!<br>Good luck all.<br>LOL Bec x
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Postby Kimmy » Thu Sep 05, 2002 3:05 pm

Hi girls,<br><br>Good idea with the intro's!!!!<br>I am Lisa, just turned 35, DH 39. TTC 3 years with unexplained infertility. I have had 5 IUI's in total, 1 was successful but ended in m/c (March 2002) due to + antiphospholipid antibodies, 1 IVF ened in chemical pregnancy (August 2002).<br>I am now waiting for AF to arrive to start IVF No.2 and have been put on a great protocol which required no down regulating. Therefore, injections for only 2 weeks!!<br><br>Good luck to all of us!!<br>Lisa
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Postby tshepher » Thu Sep 05, 2002 5:10 pm

Hi All<br>Excellent Idea,<br>I am Terri, aged 35, DH 34. Have been trying for a baby seriously for the last 3 years. Had first miscarriage Oct 2000 (7 weeks), then took until Dec 2001 to fall again and miscarried at 9 weeks. Docs can't say why we have fertility probs, DH did have some swimming the wrong way but after vitamins, daily cold showers and abstaining from alcohol for the last 3 months (absolut nightmare !!), he had now been told he has gold medal super swimmers. Anyway, docs decided that IVF was the way forward so here I am. Started in May but didn't down-regulate so was pulled-off. Started 2nd attempt 3 weeks ago and looks like smae thing happeneng. Blood test tomorrow so fingers crossed. <br>Keep smiling all<br>xx
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Postby EMS32 » Sun Sep 08, 2002 6:21 pm

Hi,<br><br>Have finally managed to log in! I am 32, dh 39, male infertility factor - low motility and count. Having 1st attempt at ICSI.<br>I actually started down regging on 6th August - injecting buserelin. Worked fine, and af appeared on time. Oestrogen levels rock bottom and went through menopause - not too bad - felt a bit down, and hot flushes, but nothing too bad! Have been stimming on Metrodin for 10 days, but had my scan on Fri, and only 8 follicles, all of which fairly small. They upped my dose - from 2 amps to 3, and have a scan and blood test tomorrow. I just hope those follies have grown! Was due for EC on Weds 11th Sept, but might be moved out 2 days.<br><br>Godd luck and babydust to all.<br>Ems
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Postby Natalie » Thu Sep 12, 2002 9:39 am

Hello All, I thought I better get down to it and introduce myself properly I have sent messages on this fabulous site before but thought better to join you all on a more familiar note.<br><br>Me 31, Darling Hubby 33, jsut been through our first cylce of IVF ICSI and it didn't work, after picking ourselves up again we are hoping to use our frozen embryo's (awaiting hospital appointment). As we know now Husband has the low sperm count and motility etc, and I'm in the clear.<br><br>Lots of Love and luck to you all Natalie x<br><br>PS. treated at Barts hospital London
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Postby Sandra S » Mon Sep 16, 2002 4:18 pm

Hi All<br><br>Me 33, DH 37. Just failed 1st ivf/icsi. Unexplained but dh a bit dodgy, sometimes has super swimmers, sometimes not, hence the icsi (it was not a good day obviously!).<br><br>Been ttc 4 years, had m/c 8 yrs ago - natural pregnancy with previous husband, dh has an 11 year old son with previous wife.<br><br>Using frozen embies next and keeping everything crossed. Treatment in Slough.<br><br>Good luck to all of you.<br><br>Love Sandra
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Postby lizbethd » Mon Sep 16, 2002 7:32 pm

I'm 32, hubby is nearly 36. Had laparotomy to remove two large cysts from ovaries last June - severe endo, 2 out of 3 blood tests showed that ovulation might be okay, HSG showed blocked tube one side. DH hasn't been tested yet, so we don't know whether they're sinkers or swimmers yet.<br><br>Just starting on the IVF route now so really interested to hear all your stories. I posted yesterday asking for recommendations for clinics in London. Thanks Terri for your reply! I got info from that clinic today and they're success rate is pretty high, so I think we'd have to get on their lists pretty sharpish.<br><br>Good luck y'all!<br><br>lizbeth
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Postby nicolam » Thu Sep 19, 2002 6:12 pm

Finally managed to log on to new site, so here's my predicament:<br>Me 34, DH 51<br>Trying for 7 years (DH works away a lot and I had irreg. periods, so didn't worry about it till 3 years ago).<br>Found out only last year I had PCOS. Tried Clomid, then Metformin but nothing.<br>First IVF in January - devastated that none of our eggs fertilized, although the other 11 I gave away as egg-share, 10 out of 11 fertilized with her partner's sperm, so we now know that DH has a sperm functionality problem. <br>Second try with ICSI in June - thankfully 5 fertilized but had the dreaded AF on day 14 of the 2ww.<br>Third time (lucky?) - I'm currently on day 2 of the awful 2ww.<br><br>Oh, been on Metformin for almost a year now, Dr told me to stay on continuously - and it has certainly helped my periods to be regular in between tries.<br><br>If anyone else's DH has a similar condition would be good to hear from you, especially if ICSI has been a success!<br><br>Nicola M
TTC 8 yrs. Me 35, DH 52. 1st IVF eggs didn't fertilise, sperm couldn't get through shell. 2nd & 3rd ICSI got embryos but -ve. 1st FET +ve with twins, '1 disappeared' at 9 wks. One baby due 9th April.
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Postby bibby » Sat Sep 21, 2002 11:07 pm

Both me and hubby are 32.<br><br>Been ttc for 5 years. Spent 18 months under investigation at St Mary's hosptial in M/cr only to come back with the explanation "unexplained infertility".<br><br>However, during our first consultation for IVF last month, were told hubby's sperm count had dropped dramatically from 31 million to 12 million (21 million is minimum for "normal") and he had poor swimmers too. Therefore, we've been told we will have to have ICSI which I'm not keen on.<br><br>Finally talked the hospital round to using IVF if the sample on the day is OK, ICSI if not. Injections start on 10th October. <br><br>Good luck to us all.<br><br>Bibby
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Postby caroline » Mon Sep 23, 2002 9:45 pm

Hi everyone<br><br>My name is Caroline. DH is Stuart. I am 32 and he is 34. I have a hat trick of problems - PCO, a touch of endometriosis and blocked tubes.<br><br>I've had one unsuccessful IVF attempt in May / June this year and I am about to start my treatment to use my 4 frozen embryos. Have the hospital tomorrow for baseline scan and start Buserelin injections tomorrow.<br><br>Used to post quite a lot on the old site, but have had a break away for the last few months.<br><br>Love<br>Caroline
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Tubal damage,PCOS,endo
1st IVF Jun 02 –ve FET Oct 02 –ve
2nd IVF Jan 03 –ve
3rd IVF Jun 03 +ve Daughter Amy stillborn 8th Mar 04 at 40 wks + 3 days
Waiting to undergo genetic tests before trying again
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Postby Sue » Tue Sep 24, 2002 2:29 pm

Hello everyone,<br><br>I'm new to the site and this is our first attempt @ ICSI.<br><br>ME 32 - Have a fibroid which I have been told should not affect fertility or pregnancy.<br><br>Hubby 41 - Lots of swimmers but also some abnormal after reversal 2 yrs ago, was advised ICSI only option.<br><br>Was ok with down reg on suprecur. Started stims Merional 3amps 225iu but had to increase to 6amps 450iu as was not responding very well. After last scan b4 EC on 18th only had 6 Follies of correct size of which only 2 were suitable for ET. ET was on 20th Sept so i'm now on 2ww. First couple of days I felt quite positive but i'm sure I have signs of AF, as this is our first attempt I'm not sure what to expect. The 4th Oct seems so far away. <br><br>I think this site is great just wish I had found it sooner.<br><br><br>Sue<br>
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