Anyone doing a short protocol

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Helen GB
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Anyone doing a short protocol

Post by Helen GB » Mon Jul 07, 2003 9:15 am

Kat - how many attempts had you had before this one. I am maybe going to do same protocol as you next am very keen to hear how you find it. Do you have high FSH levels?<br><br>Good luck - keep me posted<br>Helen


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Anyone doing a short protocol

Post by jen » Mon Jul 07, 2003 2:40 pm

Hi Girls<br><br>Well - they've booked us in for ET tomorrow at 9am. We still have 6 embies (the most ever) although they did say one of them is looking a bit dodgy (granular and fragmented whatever that means). If tomorrow there is 4 6-8 cell embies then they might wait until Thurs and do a blastocyst transfer instead. <br>I haven't even started the dreaded 2WW yet and I'm going mad already. I'll go back to work next mon though - it's been bliss I'll have had 3 weeks off.<br><br>Trace - fanbloodytastic news about your terrific cousin, roll on Oct/Nov for you all. I saw your news on another post - it's great.<br><br>I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for lots of lovely eggs on Fri or Mon for you Kat - best of luck.<br><br>Helen - hope your next treatment whatever road you go down will bring you good news. By the way we have unexplained infertility, although on our first IVF we had failed fertilisation but they weren't able to tell us why they just said to try ICSI which we've been doing since. It's kind of frustrating not knowing what's wrong but we seem to get fairly good embies they just haven't wanted to hand around - hopefully this time they might like their surroundings a bit better - I've been on Viagra and am now injecting Heparin to try and cosy up the lining of my womb so it's a 5 Star womb they will be visiting this time round.<br><br>Take care - will keep you posted.<br><br>Love Jen xxxx

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Anyone doing a short protocol

Post by Kat » Mon Jul 07, 2003 4:21 pm

Hi, have just come back from scan and have 3 follicles which is better than last time at this early stage. I was supposed to have Cetrotide injection in my stomach but the doctor (Ebtisam) said she'd do it Wednesday instead as they weren't quite big enough(8mm) She seemed confident, although you never can tell, she doesn't say much even when pushed, perhaps she doesn't want to build up hope too soon. EC most likely Monday 14th.<br>Helen -in answer to your question, this is my 3rd go, 1st was last summer and I didn't respond well so they abandoned the cycle (long protocol), 2nd was this Feb (before DH's accident) and I was on synarel and 5 amps menopur (short protocol)and had 3 follicles which were growing nicely. This time (6 menopur) haven't had any nasty effects except bruised legs from the injections, but the cetrotide might do something dodgy. It all comes packed in a box with the syringe and even though the needle is covered up it looks HUGE!! I'll let you know when I've had it.<br>Jen - good luck for your ET, it's my birthday tomorrow so that must mean it'll be a good day (that's PMA for you!) <br>Love, Kat x<br> <br><br><br>[Edited by Kat on 07-Jul-03 18:30]
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