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Post by doddo72 » Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:14 pm

Way to go Empmbt! That is good for one ovary! WOW! Did you cramp at all? I have 6 in one ovary and 4 in the other that are pretty big so far, and I started cramping.

Today I feel very bloated. I don't think I realized it until everyone was talking about it. My belly looks like a pin cushion!!

Does all this baby stuff ever cause stress in your marriages? My hubby says I have been crabby lately and now he isn't speaking to me. I don't think they understand what we are going through and how we feel.

My estrogen is 2070 day I did 6 days of follistim. 10 follicles so far. Will there be more? I go back saturday morning. Time is coming to the end of me taking the shots. Yippeee.
How do you all stay so strong? You all help me stay positive.


I am glad you are all on track with your cycles. I will keep you all in my prayers!!!

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Post by empmtb » Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:36 pm

Ditto on the pin cushion! not to mention the bruising which as of the ER, moves from the tummy to the hips! Lovely.... In any case, we did a "short" cycle - that is, on an Antagon (ganirelix). So, we did not BCP to suppress, but rather -jumped right into stimming on day 3 of period; followed by about 11 days of stimming on Follistem and Menopur, with ganirelix started on day 5 of cycle.

My L ovary did not respond at all - 2 eggs at HcG trigger day (1 15mm and the other less than 10mm); the R ovary, however, went gangbuster with 12 eggs, 7 of which were big enough to retrieve, and the remainder less than 9 mm. Who knows why - but one of the follicles was at 27mm on HcG trigger day (too big to be viable, I think) and several others in the 20s - so i was pretty sore and still am today after ER. On HcG day my E2 was over 3000 - I have no idea if that's good or bad for the prognosis.... However, wondering if I don't have mild OHSS because really sore, bloated, slight fever and exhausted today... Oh well - that's the way it works, I guess.

I think the acupuncture REALLY help this time to keep things calm. DH is incredibly patient and I thikn he feels bad enough that his job is to go into a room with some "nice" magazines while I get to be a pin cushion and be probed to the point where we lose all sense of privacy and discretion....


So, while I have been on a hormonal rollercoaster in the past which has definitely led to some tense evenings here on the homefront, this round has been much better and I can only attribute it to accupuncture, exercise and keeping busy with other things.

Good luck all - thinking of you. :D
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Post by daly » Fri Apr 06, 2007 12:29 am

Hi April buddies!

I just had my most positive scan. They found 10-11 follies and they are all around the same size - 12 mm. YEAH!!! Best scan i've ever had while stimming. My estrogen is over 1000 and my RE is very positive. My dh has been very down lately and missing his little girl. He really needs the hope of joy this pregnancy will bring. Praying hard and keeping fingers crossed for BFP for all of us.

Donna - We have the same number of follies and may have the same ER day. Getting soooo close!! But, I may be a day behind you. They're moving me to Mon or Tue for ER. We'll find out at Sat's scan.

empmtb - Congrats on a great ER!! 3 or 5 day transfer you will do wonderfully.

Susan - Happy trigger and Egg Retrieval Day!! You will do great!! You're little ones will be back with you so soon!!! How's the headache?

Charlie - Don't lose hope!!! Your B-day and BFP are coming up so soon! Please feel free to email me the list and I'll give it a go if you need a break. You've done a great job for us all.

Steph- YEAH!!PUPO!!!Twins it is!!! Get lots of rest and pampering :D

Jessica - Wow! Way to go!!!

Hopeful & Nicki - I can only wear elastic pants :oops: I wish I could say it was the bloating, but I'm afraid it is left-overs from my pregnancy belly. These hormones aren't friendly to the waist line! I need to get pregnant and wear those great stretchy pregnant pants again :D

Anie - I totally get so nervous whenever I have to get scanned or any results. Sending you wonderful embie dividing vibes and sticky dust for you upcoming ET on EASTER!!

Rebecca - Keeping all fingers and toes crossed for you scan today! The ovaries can really kick in towards the end and have a great growth spurt!! Hope this new cold front on the west coast isn't getting you down.
Let us knwo how you are :D

Babydust to everyone of our wonderful April buddies.
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Post by rebeccaj » Fri Apr 06, 2007 1:04 am

hello ladies,

wow lots of people now and everyone all at great stages - congrats all!

I had my scan and blood work today and things still aren't looking great. Just like last time I have 4 dominant follicles (all in right ovary) and about 12 smaller ones (left ovray still doesn't want to play ball). Just like last time they want to keep me stimming for one or two more days (I'm on day 14 of stimming already!!). the doctor is hoping the others will catch up. He said that last time and they didn't, the 4 strong follies were past it by the time they went to EC so I am petrified we are going down the same path. My oestrogen is still only at 2519. Next scan is tomorrow. they're now having to take blood from down my arms as my elbow creases have finally given up. My tummy is blue with swollen bruises and my injections are now starting to bleed. All in all not in a great way! They think my EC will be Sunday or Monday.

Too little time to get through everyone personally but I am thinking of you all and so proud to be part of such a great group.

Luck, love, baby dust, follie fairies and sticky stuff to all

Rebecca X
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Post by CroElla » Fri Apr 06, 2007 1:36 am

Hi dear April buddies,

I started stimming today. I had my very first shot that went GREAT. I listen to your advice and I used ice before. So when I poke my belly I didn’t feel a thing. I did have a little droplet of blood though. I am so excited right now… Doc told me that if all goes well (by the way my FSH was still under 10 today, 4th day of the cycle) we will have a ER on the 16th of this month, and ET on the 18th….Omygod!!!! I am in the game!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

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Post by Vlada » Fri Apr 06, 2007 3:27 am

Hi everyone, this is my first IVF ICSI, I am currently on lupron and will be starting my stims on the 12th of april and then probable ER on april23 and ET on april 25 (according to my doctor). Good luck to everyone!

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Post by gbnut » Fri Apr 06, 2007 10:04 am

empmtb that is great news. sending loads of vibes that they all fertilise and keep dividing.

Vlada welcome all the very best with your treatment. if you have any questions just ask.

Croella hope the first injection goes ok. It will be ec before you know it.

Rebecca you are like me a bit slow but we will get there. hope scan goes ok today. hope you get a time for your trigger.

Daly great news about the scan. Paracetamol has helped with headache a bit. No drugs today so that should also help.

Donna yes my tummy is definaetly a pin couchin. it is black and blue due to the clexane ( blood thinner ) i have to take. With regard to hubbies it is hard on them as they do not undersatnd why we are the way we are. on e min i have been happy and the next sad or grumpy. it will be all over soon but tey to expain to him that it is not really you an dthe drugs. try to have some couple time and do something fun. Hope you are not to bloated and keep drinking the water.

Hope all our 2ww are taking it easy and sending you lots of positivity.

Hi to everyone else

Had trigger and skye dog has just taken her pills and is a lot brighter today so she is definately on the mend. Hope you all have a good easter weekend

Susan x
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Post by JackieG » Fri Apr 06, 2007 10:59 am

Good morning!!

Well today I started stims and took my 1st shot this morning. Yep it did sting!!!

I have an appt on Monday to see how the follies are growing.

Talk soon,
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Post by SnowWhite » Fri Apr 06, 2007 11:45 am

Hi all!

Hi Vlada, Welcome! This is my first IVF also and my estimated ER is 24th and ET 27th, we are on the same page!!

I started Lupron shots and ASA this morning! It went well, not too scary yet.

Hope everyone is doing well!!
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Post by CroElla » Fri Apr 06, 2007 3:53 pm

JackieG, I started last night. As far as stinging, try the ice. It works I promise!! First I didn’t feel the poke at all, I didn’t bruise, and it didn’t sting underneath the skin afterwards….When is your ER?? Good luck …Grow follies, grow!!! :D :D :D Image

Daly, your scan looks like by the book…that is great news. I am sure it helps to receive a good new in the moments like this. :D :D :D Image

A couple of years ago I finally quit smoking and those were the days when I discovered sewing. Well, I sew simple stuff, tunics and quilts…aside from the fact that I can have new clothes more often; the darn thing is calming my nerves too. Ever since then when ever I have to wait for something, or especially those days I sew. I used to read a lot; it doesn’t help when I’m too static. I discovered that doing something with my fingers actually gives an illusion that time is flying by. And it will help in these coming days when I’ll have to make some stretchy pants.
:lol: :D :lol: :D

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Post by charlie78 » Fri Apr 06, 2007 5:11 pm


BFP's:Image Image

On the dreaded 2ww: ImageImage

Charlie78 – HPT 10th April
Misspiggy: testing 12th April

Amysharon test 16th April
Sher8 – FBT 3rd April test: 17th April
SMATTISON (Steph) = 2nd IVF: 3 embies snuggling in test: 16th April

Stimming: Grow follies Grow! ImageImage Image

EC April 2nd : 9 ferts! Image
Anie2007 = 1st IVF EC April 3rd 14 eggies collected! 10 Ferts. ET: 6th or 8th April Image
empmtb ER 4th April! 8 eggies! Image
EC April 6th
DALY = 3rd IVF (short protocol)
EC April 10th ??
Susan (gbnut) = 3rd ICSI EC 7th April
EC April 10th??
HOPEFUL2007 = 1st IVF
EC April 8th
N77 = 1st ICSI
EC- 9 April
Nicolamark = 1st IVF
Stimms & Baseline-28th Mar
EC- April 11th
Blastocyst transfer- April 16
DONNA (Doddo72) = 1st IVF (Short protocol)
ER April 9th ImageImage
Croella -= 1st IVF EC 16th April, ET 18th April

Bigwhitehappydog = 5th IVF start stimming 5th April
Jackie – start stimming Friday 6th April


Down regging: Image

Carrie – 1st IVF
Vlada 1st IVF/ICSI start stimming 12th April
SNOWWHITE = 1st IVF 1st Lupron shot April 6th EC 24TH April, ET 27th April

Waiting for AF: Image

EMMA = 2nd IVF ICSI this time!
AF due- Easter Sunday
EC-20th April
Geckogirl = 2nd IVF on BCP’s baseline 12th April
JOVIGAL = 2nd IVF (short protocol) waiting for prolactin levels to come down

Not sure what stage you are at! Let me know and I will update you!
KRISTIN (Bubby101) = 2nd IVF

Non IVF Related stuff! Image Image
Charlie's birthday 11th April
Amysharon anniversary 14th April
Hopeful2007 7TH Wedding Anniversary 15th April

Hope everyone is well!
Charlie x
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Post by nicolamark » Fri Apr 06, 2007 5:13 pm

24 follies today girls!!! I am well bloated!!!
The largest was at 20mm....
Sorry quick post! but i'm whacked!!!
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Post by Vlada » Fri Apr 06, 2007 5:42 pm

Charlie, thank you for including me in the buddy list!
Snowwhite, so we are almost on the same schedule, i am very excited and good luck to you!

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dh 43
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Post by smattison » Fri Apr 06, 2007 6:33 pm

Here is a first glimpse of the Mattison Babies due December 22, 2007.
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Post by Anie2007 » Fri Apr 06, 2007 6:38 pm

Happy good Friday everyone...

Hopeful2007 - Hope everything is doing well for you.

Donna - That's great news - your getting so close to trigger..goodluck...

JesJes - Going to blast..CONGRATS, that's fantastic news.. Goodluck on your ET tomorrow..little ones are coming home to mommy soon...

charlie78 - PMA...PMA..PMA...BFP... stay strong and possitive sweetie..there are lil one inside....

nicolamark - WOW 24 you little follies maker :D I think you will be triggering so soon....Good Luck..

smattison - CONGRATS on your ET/PUPO... Goodluck on your 2ww...I'm really glad you feel more positive now....relax and take it easy....

gbnut - CONGRATS on your trigger...Good Luck on your EC...

empmtb - WOW 8 egg for one ovary only..that's a really good news.. Hope your feelling better today after EC. Any news about fertilization? Relax and get more rest.... Good Luck..

daly - That's great news...GROW..FOLLIES...GROW...Good luck..

rebeccaj - I hope your scan went well today...GROW..FOLLIES..GROW..Good Luck

CroElla - CONGRATS on your stimming...Yap - putting ice before helped me big time too..GROW..FOLLIES..GROW..Good Luck.

Vlada - WELCOME to April cycle buddies...

JackieG - CONGRATS on your stimming...put ice on the area before injections it helps big time..GROW..FOLLIES..GROW.. Good Luck..

SnowWhite - That's great news that your Lupron shots went well..Good Luck..

As for me I got a call from my doctor this morning about our 10 embryos, all 10 are still doing great and there are 5 excellent ones, so my ET schedule today was cancelled and heading to 5 day tranfers (blast) on EASTER SUNDAY "4/8" . Keep my fingers crossed, praying hard that they are all made it to Easter Sunday.. They are coming back home to mommy soon... :D

Sending you all lots...and lots...of sticky stuffs..baby dust...follie fairies...Good Luck everyone..Take care!
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