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Re: Awaiting Treatment

Post by Ems1971 » Tue May 25, 2010 8:21 pm

Hello lovely ladies...
Sorry I haven't written for a while but I've been feeling absolutely PANTS! I'm 12 weeks this week so hopefully this awful MS should start to lift. I know I shouldn't complain but its really been getting me down :(
We have our scan booked for 7th June so can't wait for that...nervous about the nuchal screening but I suppose that's normal.
Will continue to read your updates on all your progress...even if I don't write much.
Sending love to you all.
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Re: Awaiting Treatment

Post by riogirl71 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 5:18 pm

Anyone hanging out waiting for another IVF?
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Re: Awaiting Treatment

Post by vicky1707 » Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:55 pm

Hi ladies,

So sorry for the delay - had so much on lately! Just got back from our first holiday on Tuesday - had a lovely 2 weeks in Alcudia, Majorca! Had a smashing holiday and soooo didn't want to come home! Luckily we only have 8 weeks until we go to Cyprus so not all bad i suppose!

Well our appt didn't go great, basically there is nothing else we can try apart from a frozen cycle (we have enough eggs for 2 cycles) or a fresh cycle. The consultant also talked about surrogacy and adoption! He's never mentioned it before so is obvioulsy starting to have doubts about our cycles working! I've stopped taking the Clomid, even though the consultant thought i'd been on it for the full 6 months, and when I said I'd only been on it for 2 months he said we could continue on it, but me and DH decided to call it a day with the Clomid. It didn't work even on the highest dosage so I really don't see the point in going through all the side effects for nothing! We talked about things and our next step is a frozen cycle at the beginning of next year. We've just got too much on this year, and we really need a break from all the appts, injections, drugs, etc... Plus we need to save us some money as well!

So basically we are enjoying ourselves! Luckily we have a lot planned this year so it's taking our mind of babies and treatments etc... Also looking for a puppy now as well - so excited! :D

Still loads of people around me becoming pregnant but I must be either getting hard hearted or used to it cos it just doesn't bother me anymore! I suppose the longer it goes on the more you get used to it not being you!

Hope everyone is well! I must make more of an effort coming on her, all you guys are fantastic people and it's such a relief to speak to people who know exactly how I'm feeling etc...

Take care everyone, and I'll speak soon x x x

Vic x x x

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Re: Awaiting Treatment

Post by Sara30 » Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:50 pm

Hi Vic, glad to hear you are going to have some you time and a break away from all the IVF until you jump back on again, hope you enjoy all your nice hols and feel refresed and ready to fight on again!!

AFM We are still waiting, we started our adoption application last April and we still haven't even started our home study yet, I can't believe things take so long in this country, it makes me so cross and frustrated.
We have applied to adopt our fostered child, back in December,(alongside our official adoption application) they told us we would have to wait until July before we would be considered and then had a very short notice interview a coule of weeks ago. They told us we would know the following week if we were going to be able to adopt her then to be told they can't decide between us and another family, but they can't come and see us for a second interview for at least 3 weeks beacause the social workers are on annual leave, do they have any idea the emotional turmoil we live in everyday going through this process!!!

What doesn't help is I have a very confused child whom I love dearly and want to be a mummy to but I can't prepare her for what to expect because I don't know my self, so when she asks to call me mummy I have to say that she will have a new mummy and we are waiting for ............. to decide who that may be, but I can't tell her it might be us and we desperately want to keep her incase they decide to go with the other family, which if they do decide that I will have to smile sweetly be very strong and hand her over to a wonderful new family that is going to love her forever whilst my heart breaks!!!! We are now 7 months into this waiting game to see if we are allowed to adopt this little girl who has lived with us for nearly 1o months, we have been living on the edge of our emotions for so long I have forgotton what it feels like to feel emotionally stable!!!

Ok rant over, sorry but sometimes I just have to say it and there is no-one else who will understand what I am saying except you guys,

Thanks for this board, I can have a cry now and carry on containing my unstable emotions for another couple of months I am sure!!!

PS very selfish post, I have to go to school and collect my little girle so hope everyone else is doing ok if you still look on here from time to time.
Lee xxxxxxx
Finally I am a mummy, we are about to adopt our beautiful little girl xxxxx

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Re: Awaiting Treatment

Post by Hope644 » Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:03 pm

just a quick hello -

lee, i just read your post... i hope things have been resolved now regarding the hopeful adoption of your little girl and she can finally call you Mummy without worry or wonder. breaks my heart to think of how long they keep these kids in limbo - and how scary and unstable it must feel to them. May God bless you all and finally bring the finality of the bonds of family that you already feel. I have a friend who was an adoptive mum for over a year before she found out that she could adopt her little girl. what an amazing and wonderful day to finally say, "YOU ARE MINE, I AM YOURS, WE ARE FAMILY!!!" God bless all the adoptive and foster parents out there. what a heart it takes to be one - may you all be rewarded richly.

Vic - hope you are enjoying your time away from cycling. did you get the dog?? :) what kind? don't feel bad about your "selfish" post - it is not at all - this is a wonderful outlet and you need to release those thoughts to someone! :) i find myself coming back on days like today when i don't really have anything to post about myself but just want to check in on others.... what an amazing support group you all have been over the past 3 years. some days we have to rant and others, we can just empathize with our fellow sisters in various places in this craziness of TTC.

been a while since we've seen much activity on this thread. hope everyone else is doing well. i think of you all often - you're in my heart and in my prayers.

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Re: Awaiting Treatment

Post by vicky1707 » Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:49 pm

Hey guys!

No real exciting news from me, but thought i'd drop in and say 'hi' :D

We have the most gorgeous puppy called Bailey! Had him about 4 weeks. He's 13 weeks now and he is just adorable! He's a creamy/browny Lhasa Apso.

Only 2 weeks till our next holiday - sooooo ready for it! :D Looking forward to being a bridesmaid for my best friend!

Hope everyone is well x

Decided to start our frozen cycle after Christmas, so enjoying ourselves while we can!

Take care, and speak soon x
Vic x x x x

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Re: Awaiting Treatment

Post by chriss » Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:01 am

To all my old friends,
I will never forget you. Happy Holidays!

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