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Hostile Cervical Mucus

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Hostile Cervical Mucus

Postby Julie Martin » Fri Oct 04, 2002 7:12 pm

Hi, <br>We got married in '97 and started trying to have a family straight away but without any success.<br>After waiting nearly 3 years we visited the docs for tests. The sperm test results came back and the doctor asked if hubby had ever had mumps or exposed to radiation ? the result came back as nil sperm (less than 1 %) doctor then suggested donor or adoption.<br><br>My husband just wanted to get out of there and jump off a bridge !<br><br>After another 12 months of persistently asking him to go for another test he did, this time the result was excellent, he felt like Superman !A different Doctor could'nt explain why this happened and suggested a further test. Again the results were good and we were referred to MFS. Needless to say we refuse to see the first doctor now<br><br>After more test it was discovered that i was the culprit in all this after all .It turns out that i have Hostile Cervical Mucus.<br><br>Had a Laporoscopy <br>2 x IUI<br>1 X IVF<br><br>We are now skint but saving up for next attempt.<br><br>One thing that helped us through was deciding to buy a dog , he's like a surrogate baby to us, he takes our mind off things.<br><br>Julie M
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