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Postby fiona_lk » Fri Oct 04, 2002 8:27 am

Hi all,<br><br>E/c nowhere near as bad as first time. Only really had 'twinges' rather than pains, so quite grateful for that. They got 6 eggs and I have to call at 11am to find out if fertilised after ICSI - feeling very anxious at this point - dh had to go to work!<br><br>Lisa - you can ask them to give you something for sickness, the first time they put some little tablets in my mouth after I woke up, but yesterday I think the drugs were combined with the anaesthetic. How did your e/t go yesterday? <br><br>Good Luck everyone. I'll be in touch very soon<br><br><br>Fiona xx
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Postby beck » Fri Oct 04, 2002 12:16 pm

hi fiona <br>ggggggooooooooooddddddddddd lluuuuccccccckkkk<br>my fingers are crossed for you sweetie.<br>how is everyone else?<br>luce how are you doing?<br>im now injecting horray!!<br>love beckxx
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Postby luce » Sat Oct 05, 2002 1:46 pm

Hi again<br><br>Just trekked into London early Sat am for a progress scan and bt. All going well. EC expected to be Wed or Thurs depending on progress the next few days.<br><br>DH came to clinic this morning and is excited after seeing the follies developing. Have to go for bt again tmrw am. <br><br>Good luck to those already on 2ww. Am dreading that, so will be good to know there are lots of others doing it too!<br><br>Beck - how are you finding the injections?<br><br>Luce<br>
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Postby Kimmy » Sat Oct 05, 2002 5:34 pm

Hi fiona,<br><br>Good luck with your 6 eggs, fingers crossed that they all fertilise nicely for you!!!! I am glad to hear this e/c was better than your last. Unfortunately for me it was the other way around, maybe because they took more eggs this time - WOW it was PAINFULL!! They also gave me something for the sickness, but it did NOTHING! Guess I am just one of those unlucky ones.<br>Transfer went really well thanks. They put back 2 8 cell grade 1's so fingers crossed this time.<br>Anyway, i will check for the update on your eggs and wish you loads of luck.<br><br>Good luck to everybody else!!!<br>Lisa
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