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Only 9 this time and anxious

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Only 9 this time and anxious

Postby jordan » Mon Oct 07, 2002 2:32 pm

Had ET (IVF #2)today and from 17 good possibilities thay only managed to retrieve 9 eggs. There were another 10 follicles but they said they were small. Last time at IVF I had 17 eggs taken and 13 fertilised. I'm concerned that I wont have very many to play around with as I did before. 11 embryos were frozen from my first go but only 4 survived the thaw. Anyone else had similar experiences. I did drop from 150iu per day to 100iu of Puregon. <br>Hoping to hear from someone, Jordan.
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Only 9 this time and anxious

Postby SueL » Mon Oct 07, 2002 7:36 pm

Hi Jordan<br><br>Just had to respond to you!<br><br>Congratulations on your 9 eggs<br><br>Like you I'm on IVF #2 and I had ET today!!!!!<br><br>I had EC on Friday and to be honest I was a little downheartened.<br><br>First IVF (April) - 23 follicles, 17 eggs, 11 fertilised, 2 transferred and 4 frozen! Drugs were gonal F 150iu for 7 days then 4 days of alternate 75 and 150 and then 3 days coasted! Chemical Pregnancy.<br><br>First Frozen (July) - 4 frosties, 3 survived (1 wasn't very good though), another chemical pregnancy!!<br><br>This IVF - thought I had 20 follicles turned out only 15 were big enough and only 10 contained eggs. GUTTED! However........ 7 fertilised, 6 at 6 cell, 1 at 7 cell and 1 at 8 cell which is exactly what happened last time!!!!!! So this time we had better fertilisation and dividing rates! Drugs this time were gonal f 7 days at alternate 150 and 75. 4 days at 75 and 3 days coasted..<br><br>I was concerned there wouldn't be enough but turns out my worries were unfounded, so I hope that yours are toooo.<br><br>Good Luck<br>Love Sue<br>xx
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Only 9 this time and anxious

Postby Julie Martin » Mon Oct 07, 2002 7:40 pm

Hi Jordon,<br>I've only had one IVF attempt , managed to produced 5 eggs so 9 is good, it shows you are responding to treatment. Are you having time off work and does anybody in work know?<br><br>Hope everything goes ok,let me know how you are doing.<br>Take care<br><br>Julie M
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Only 9 this time and anxious

Postby fiona_lk » Tue Oct 08, 2002 1:13 pm

Hi Jordan,<br><br>I have never been able to produce many eggs - 6 is my best even on the maximum 450iu dose for most of the FSH part of the cycle but, the advice I have been given many times is that 'less is more'. In other words, if you have less eggs, they can potentially be of much better quality.<br><br>I have not yet been successful (currently on 2ww of 2nd ICSI cycle) but very hopeful it will happen some day.<br><br>Hope you will join us on Oct 2ww thread and I'm assuming good luck tomorrow for embryo transfer providing you have at least 1 which fertilised - remember you only need the 1.<br><br>Fiona
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