illness worry in 2ww

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illness worry in 2ww

Post by Annie » Mon Dec 17, 2007 1:37 pm

Hello all,
managed one whole day before finding something to worry about! I had FET friday pm and was all set to meet up with friends sat night for christmas meal.Unfortunately woman hosting meal rang on day to say her 3 year old had picked up a vomitting/runs bug at nursesy and so i played it safe and chickened out of going. I did however go to a cousins first birthday party during the day and had been there about half an hour before one year olds mum mentioned her little one had met up with some others and had only just got over vomitting and the runs!!!!
Last night I woke feeling quite off colour although I wouldnt actually say i was full on nauseous, I managed what felt like 2 mins sleep rest of night, had bouts of racing heart ( panic??). I have had to run to loo several times during today but no nausea. I rang clinic to see if there was a known link with viral tummy bugs and chances of concieving/miscarrying but answers were a bit vague. I know to avoid certain foods to avoid food poisoning but am unclear if this sort of bug is anything to worry about. Can anyone help?? Has anyone heard of this happening to someone who then got a BFP.
Finding it hard to be rational
cheers annie

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Post by shantala » Tue Dec 18, 2007 12:46 pm

hi anie

dont worry...i had a couple of bugs and OHSS and asked the clinic the same thing...they said that the foetus is like a parasite and will feed of you. so no matter how ill you are the foetus is fine. so try not to worry! it must be true coz i'm 21 weeks pregnant and this little one is fine and i've had my fair share of concerns, including OHSS, bugs, and a car accident!! they're tougher than we realise so dont worry!!

best of luck!!

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