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Hello All i'm new to IVF but not IF

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Hello All i'm new to IVF but not IF

Postby keita1981 » Mon Jan 28, 2008 1:00 am

i'm 26 and dh 27. we had 4 pregnancies and lossed all of them. one was chemical (first clomid cycle). the next was presumed ectopic (2nd clomid cycle). jan 2007 (3rd clomid cycle) found out i was pregnant and everything looked great except nothing on u.s. it was an ectopic. On a natural cycle got pregnant again dec 2007 and another ectopic. had surgery to remove both my tubes. so ivf is our only hope. no other problems w/ me and dh. my tubes was it and now they're gone, so i'm hoping to a successful IVF cycle in feb/march.
me/26 & dh/27 ttc since 2005 pit. tumor taking bromocriptine. Tubal IF. m/c on 11/06 natural. 01/07 ectopic preg, 12/07 another ectopic & both tubes removed. ER 3/12/08, ET 3/15/08 2 perfect 8-celled embabies transfered. test date 3/28/08. 1 TOTSICLE.
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Postby nicaliw » Mon Jan 28, 2008 1:05 am

So sorry to hear your story. You've been through so much already. You must be very strong. Sounds like your tubes were getting in the way of your success. I bet you have great chances of success with IVF. Good luck!

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