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girls in the Awaiting Treatment thread

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girls in the Awaiting Treatment thread

Postby Jen1d » Tue Feb 05, 2008 9:34 pm

Hi gang

I have been trying for ages and the system wont let me post on the thread but has accepted my message when i submitted on donor thread-------------arrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I hope its just a problem tonight but didnt want to miss out on wishing Steph luck for the 7th so posted here.

Steph - Am at work tomorrow night, so Imagefor test day, will be thinking of you.

Well i feel fine, not feeling much although did have slight twinging on one side now and again but nothing since----lets hope thats my little ones snuggling in :?:
Did you like the pma Chriss---promise i'm tryingImage

Had the social worker over re adoption and its all go. We have forms to fill out then she will visit next Wed and give us a date for the classes and our Adoption Panel. Glad its all moving forward but had to lie about ivf being finished----got a prob if we have a pos result this time but bring it on :lol:

Catch up soon

Love Jen x
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HSG - Tubes Damaged
Bilateral Salpingectomy, 16th Aug 06,
Hysteroscopy - 30th Oct 07
4 IVF - BFN, 3 ED - BFN
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