IVF to IUI??? (long)

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IVF to IUI??? (long)

Post by wannabeamomma » Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:41 am


I was just wondering if anyone has had a bfp doing an IUI after IVF? I went to go see my Re after a failed IVF in November. We have been taking a break ever since but wanted to speak to our RE for some closure.
She still thinks I have a chance but wants to try a new approach. She wants to go backwards and try an IUI. Basically since my dh and I have been ttc for 7 years w/out a nat. pg we went straight to IVF in 2006 with high meds (it resulted in an early mc), then in 2007 they through the book at me by using the max they could on meds.
I look perfect on paper as she says. All my numbers are where they are supposed to be and dh is good. So in theory all is good except that when they get to the actually procedure we don't get many eggs (I had 14 empty follies last IVF cycle). We should have gotten about 21 eggs but only got 7. Only 6 fertilised and 2 were okay on day 3. So not only do we get jipped on eggs but the quality is not good for my age group.
So her new plan is to lower the meds to about half the dosage as before and do an IUI. She wants to see how I respond to a different treatment because maybe they shocked my ovaries with too much drug. She doesn't want us to waste the $15k on IVF (which we don't have anyway) so she wants to do a medicated IUI cycle. She wants to see if we ease up on the meds if we would get a better response and better quality embryos. This would only be about $3k w/meds.
Dh and I aren't sure what to do yet as it is still $3k and not guaranteed. I also don't know if I want to wait more on adopting since doing fertility treatments is frowned upon when trying to adopt.
What to do? I am so confused and am scared to get my heart broken again, especially since there is only an 8% chance with IUI. IVF looked to be our best shot and now 2 cycles later, acupuncture and an emotional rollercoaster we have nothing but a depleted savings.
So what do you ladies think? What would you do?


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Post by Kery » Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:14 am

Hi ya
Yea that is a hard one to answer!! It is a lot of money to put on the line if it doesn't work. I started my first (medicated) iui last year. We had a iui thread going and not one of us got a bfp. It seems that the chances of it working are very small. I am giving it one more go this month but I really don't have much faith in iui's. It's just at this time we can't afford a ivf cycle.

If you go to the insemination forum section there are ladies there that may be a bit more help than me!!
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Post by Anie » Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:09 pm

Hi wannabe....

You didn't mention yours and your dh age and what is the problem. Is it in you or is it a male factor? The cause of infertility helps to determinate which treatment is the best.

Your doctor should have tried IUI in first place and if doesn't work then move on to IVF.

Let me tell you from my experience and what doctor said to us on our first appointment. It might answer your questions.

On our first appointment the doctor said that there are 3 type of treatment for male infertility (that's my case) and it all depends on the sperm quality/quantity/mobility. So depending on that we should go for 1st IUI, then IVF and if that does not work ICSI. After dh sperm test the result was low quantity low mobility and the solution was straight to ICSI.On the day of EC his sperm was better then the first sample so the doctor said that we could try IVF instead. So we did and the result was no fertilization. It would not make sense to try IUI after IVF because if IVF didn't work then there is no chance that IUI would work.

Do you understand what im trying to say?

So firstly it is important that you tell us a little bit more about the cause of infertility and then we might be able to give you a more straight answer.

Take care
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Post by DeniseM » Wed Mar 26, 2008 1:19 am

My situation is not quite the same as yours, as we never did IVF, but we are also diagnosed as unexplained infertility. My twins are from a medicated IUI cycle, so it can work.
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Post by kellyh » Wed Mar 26, 2008 2:58 am

I did the same thing, but for a different reason. We jumped straight to IVF because we wanted to do pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (both of us carry a "bad" gene). After the first round, it became apparent that I don't respond well to the meds and have a borderline FSH. We were caught off guard because we didn't go to the doctor for infertility issues. Tried a second IVF round. No go again. So we left the clinic realizing that we had infertility issues in addition to our genetic issues. After a year of soul searching we decided to try IUI because we had never done that before. We wanted to get pregnant first, and deal with the genetic stuff later. I got pregnant my first round. I know I was lucky because the success rate is much less than with IVF. However, it's a lot cheaper, so for us it was worth a shot. Now I have an adorable 5 month old boy. So it is possible to have a bfp with IUI after IVF.
It's a tough decision because $3K is still $3K. I wish you luck in your decision.
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Post by wannabeamomma » Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:55 am

Thank you ladies for your replies. I guess I forgot to mention some key points to our issues.

I am 31 and Dh is 30. We have been ttc for 7 yrs and no luck on our own. I had a laparoscopy in 2005 to remove some endo and adhesions. last year they removed some polyps also that were attached inside my uterus. All bloodwork numbers have been within the normal range. Dh is okay good mobility, quantity and morphology.

My RE said that my case makes no sense because on paper we should be slam dunk case but the think I might have an egg problem as well as dimished ovarian reserve because of the outcomes of the 2 prior ivf cycles. The embryos that did fertilize were just not the best of quality base on my age, testing and amount of meds used. This is why she wants to take a step back and lower dosages and see if that helps with the quality. :roll:
Hope that give you a better insight to my infertility.

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Post by Welshgirl38 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:55 pm


I have 2 friends - one who has just got her BFN with IVF but who is going onto IUI in May - DR's say the same to her - nothing wrong with her or her DH so this is what she is going to try before going back to IVF .... bearing in mind that she gets her IUI free (3 goes) so she may aswell giv this a try as she wud have to pay for the IVF (only get 1 free go at that)

As for my other friend - she had been ttc for 3 years - had all the tests, lap and dye - they found a wee bit of endo (the size of a thum nail) which they removed, and her tubes were clear ... same with her - nothing wrong with her or her DH - so she was put on the waiting list for medicated IUI ..... When it came to her last scan she was told she had 2 folles (they didnt want her to get anymore) and so inseminated her. Whilst doing so, she experianced some pain and they told her she had a bit if a tilt in her womb ... 2 weeks later - after her first ever go at medicated treatment - she is pregnant with her first child.

I honestly didnt have much hope for her getting pregnant with IUI - i know it has a lot less sucess rates than IVF or ICSI - but she did! And my advise to u is .... go for it!

Your body will have a LOT LESS medical intervention, as ur DR says - quality is the key - not quantity - only producing 2 or maybe 3 follies, and there isnt the stress EC and all the tmt that comes with IVF .... you never know - it could well happen to you too ...

Good Luck, let us know what u decide ...

Becky Xxx

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Post by nicolamark » Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:10 pm

I just to post, as i really think iui would be worth a try after all youve been thro.
Sorry, but im not success story. But i have done IUI, many times, right now, Ive lost count, actually not trying anymore.....
But that a personal choice.... but i still believe IUI can work, yes the odds are lower than IVF but the risks are lower too, I had OHSS with IVF, and to be honest that put me off, never had any problems with IUI.
I never got BFP, but i think due to my personal circumstances thats why, I was stressed at work, DH stress, we were selling & buying a house, and quite frankly the time wasnt right. We did dribs and dabs of IUI..... and honestly I think u have to do it month after month, for successs, its very similar to trying naturally. And it takes the most fertile couple to concieve naturally up to 12mths. It's the same with IUI.....
One day, once we are settled again, we will try IUI and we will do it month on month til we get BFP. Its possiable.
So my advise to you, is Yes try IUI, but keep an open mind and if it doesnt result in +ive, then try again.
Best of luck honey!!! xxx
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