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Has anyone experienced Dry Eyes from Buserelin/HRT???

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Has anyone experienced Dry Eyes from Buserelin/HRT???

Postby KarenSmiff » Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:54 pm


My 7th cycle got cancelled 4 weeks ago now and I was 6 weeks into the drug regime - I noticed that from starting the buserelin injection one eye started going bloodshot - by the end of the 6 weeks it was really bad and after this cycle got cancelled I went opticians and was diagnosed with Dry Eyes - which is very sore and inconvenient.

Has anyone else experienced this from the drugs?

I am still waiting for my period to kick in - its been 4 weeks now - and am hoping and preying that once it does, my mood may improve along with my eyes?????? I am also very low at the moment and am crying every day.

I have never had this side affect before inmy other 6 cycles????
But this cycle was very hard going on me - friends were saying that I looked poorly and ill. I suffered from terrible hot flashes/insomnia and just felt tired. Never felt his rough before - strange????? Although my last cycle was 18 months previous.

Can anyone relate?

Many thanks ladies.

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