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Caffeine and Alcohol

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Caffeine and Alcohol

Postby mandolin » Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:37 pm

What is the advice of the board on drinking red wine - Im talking a couple glasses a week. And 2 cups of coffee a day?
We are TTC but having trouble due to my FSH being high. Any advice would be helpful I eat pretty healthy and exercise.

We may or may not try IVF.

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Postby shantala » Fri Oct 10, 2008 10:50 pm

hi and welcome to the board

you will find that there are very mixed views on alcohol and caffeine...some say don't have it at all as it can affect infertility, some say have it in reduced amounts as excess amounts can affect infertility and some say it doesnt make a difference at all. you may want to have a look at the dos and donts thread where these things have been discussed but it is a long thread!

personally, i would say drink as much as you feel happy with. i decided not to have any caffeine and alcohol at all with my first round of ivf as i wanted to give it the best possible chance. as you can see, it didnt work. so second time round i decided to drink alcohol and caffeine like i did before (which was never masses) and it worked...so for me, i think the fact that i was stressing less about my alcohol and caffeine intake, helped me.

hope this helps and best of luck

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