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Postby Sara30 » Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:51 am

Hi Guys

I wanted to finish off this thread as our IVF journey has now come to an end. Our last cycle with our last frozen embryos ended without me falling pregnant and I am in a way very relieved that this chapter of my life can now close as it has gone on for so many years. I am sad I will not hold a birth child in my arms but the title of this thread was 'there is hope and hope is never ending.

My sister and I were always close but this journey we travelled together over the last few months has brought us even closer, I thank god for her everyday. I am going to be a mummy and my children are out there somewhere they may not even be born yet or they are just waiting for me and DH to go and pick them up and bring them home. Just 2 weeks after my last cycle I went on a training course and was very surprised to see the whole course was filled with mums and dads who had adopted there children, what did I say, hope is never ending. Someone up there was just giving me a nudge and pushed me into the path of all these lovely people who could tell me really about adoption, and just yesterday I had a phone conversation out of the blue with an aquaintance of mine who I know now will become a very good friend as she has just started the adoption process and it looks like we will be supporting each other through it. Coincidence??

So I am now on another path and I think all the years I have spent looking after other peoples children and working with families has brought me to this point, I am not afraid of taking on another persons child to become my own as I have done it lots of times before and know I can love a child that is not my birth child and bring him or her up as our own.

Thankyou God for giving me the journey I had to travel through IVF because I have learnt so much about myself, my family and my relationship with my husband, our bonds are so much stronger because of it, thankyou for pointing me to this site and meeting such amazing, wonderful strong women of whom some I like to call friends now who I never would have met if it were not for my infertility, thankyou for sharing the wonderful stories people on here have and the miracles that are performed everyday for us when we see that line and get that BFP! Thank you for giving me the strength to know life is not over because I cannot have my own birth child, I know in my life HOPE IS NEVER ENDING!!!!!

When I meet my child or children and bring them home I will let you know!!! :D

Bye for now,

Lee x
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