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Postby elaine » Mon Jul 29, 2002 10:07 pm

Hi Maggie<br><br>I did another test this afternoon and it was the same, although quite faint but clearly visable.<br>My knee is still a bit sore where I fell on it but apart from that I'm ok. Went back to work today which was fine. I only do 2 - 7pm so it's not too bad and I wasn't very busy. Bloated but not sore now. Boobs where hurting, which I think was the prog but eased off a bit now. My nipples are huge though - is that normal? Only got a while to wait now - roll on Weds.<br>Thanks for the info on the hcg - I hope it means it's good news but trying not to get too excited.<br>I'm sorry you had a bad day today. I think it's the whole process - it's so tough emotionally and physically that you're bound to have days like this. It's this waiting that's the hardest but you must stay positive and relax. I'm glad the sun is still shining for you - that must be a good sign.<br>Take care<br><br>Elaine x
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