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Will it ever get any easier?

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Will it ever get any easier?

Postby jm108 » Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:25 am

I know I am blessed to have my almost one year old son after my second IVF cycle. Yesterday my newly married friend announced her pregnancy and all of those old feelings of sadness, frustration and bitterness crept up again to my suprise. I am happy for her, but I always thought that when I finally had a baby I wouldn't feel that way. I do long for another child and I feel bad because all I keep thinking is what did I ever do?, why me? I just wan't to be able to accept my circumstances but I feel like I never will. Anyone else out there feel the same? I am very frustrated!!!!
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Postby ianmichael3 » Tue Dec 23, 2008 5:42 pm

Yes, I do feel the same- am experiencing secondary infertility.... just do your best to keep your spirits high, girl. Be strong for you and your little family. I work in corrections/probation and am increasingly angry and bitter when I hear about the girls who look at a guy and get pregnant, using drugs and doing whatever else, all the while. :(
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Postby shantala » Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:43 am


Yes, i completely understand!!!! dont get me wrong, i am OVER THE MOON that i have my little girl but i think we never forget the pain and suffering we went through to get our babies. i see it almost like a trauma, although we are ecstatic that the trauma is over, we've still experienced one and we will never forget that. one of my friends is pregnant again and it upset me too. to think how easy they have it. it also brings back all the memories of how easy we DIDNT have it. and if we wanted more how hard that is. and it also reminds me of the lovely ladies on here that still havent achieved their dream, too.

anyway, completely understand and its nice to hear that others feel like that too. i thought it was just me!!

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Postby momtobetobe » Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:28 pm

It doesn't seem like any piece of this gets easier! Thanks for posting and I hope you survived the holidays! I hope we all have a better 2009.
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Postby riogirl71 » Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:29 pm

I don't think it gets any easier... I love my little boy and want another baby... then listen to all the oooooops stories of everyone that didn't even want to get preggers - it is hard!
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