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radio show on how to go about adopting an embyro

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radio show on how to go about adopting an embyro

Postby momtobetobe » Wed Jan 28, 2009 1:43 pm

I am on the email list for this really good radio show on infertility issues. This week's show is on embryo adoption and they have the best line up of guests on this topic that I've ever seen. I'm not necessarily interested at this time, but I thought someone on the board might be. The email said I could give out the email if you have questions. Send them to dawn @creatingafamily.com (delete space). The name of the show is Creating a Family. You can listen live, but the shows are all archived at the site www.creatingafamily.com so you can listen anytime or download it. I'll try to remember to post topics here if they sound interesting. Hope this helps someone.
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