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sick and tired of the octuplets

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sick and tired of the octuplets

Postby momtobetobe » Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:20 pm

Is anyone else sick and tired about this whole octuplet business. Infertility is hard enough without all this weird publicity. We are already confused about the next step after hearing that radio show on multiples and now I’ve had two people ask me something about the “dangers of infertility.” Like this type of stuff happens with normal doctors and patients. You know, I just don’t need this right now in my life. I feel bad for those 8 kids—really for those 14 kids. It’s is really sad for everyone involved-her, her mom, her dad that’s going to go back to work in Iraq to help support them, but it doesn’t make it easier for the rest of us who are trying to be responsible but also trying to have a baby. I know this isn’t really all about me, but I’m just sick and tired of it and needed to vent.
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Postby CT_Michele » Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:53 pm

I hear ya...it is always stories like this that thrust ivf and infertility back into the public eye and cause people who know nothing about it to make rude and inappropriate comments. This is why I am very open and honest about everything I go through with my friends and family, so they don;t feel uncomfortable asking or feel bad if they say something wrong. I agree with you about how hard it will be for everyone involved. You missed one person too, I read in an article that the donor sperm was donated by a neighbor, who asked her to stop using his sperm after the first 6 kids, since he had since married and was trying to have his own. I know after he donates, he really has no rights, but can you imagine knowing that all of those kids are yours? Most donors never know. Again, none of this confirmed, but so sad.
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