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back from a nightmare ICSI

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back from a nightmare ICSI

Postby MichelleS » Mon Jul 29, 2002 2:25 pm

Hi to everyone!<br><br>Well I go away from the site for 10 days or so and I come back to something very strange! I was looking forward to reading the postings since 19th and can't find any. had to re-register, so I just hope there are some people out there whi know me!!<br><br>Well, i went to Leeds for my csan and EC for first ICSI. I was worried before as I was feeling no pian from stimulationa and was sure taht it wasn't working. But had 25+ follicles, some being 20 across. Went in for EC on Monday last week and what a nightmare. I was in so much pain - 40 mins later and one bout of throwing uop halfway through, they had collectede 42 eggs!!! Yes. I hyperstimulated. So they would not transfer eny embryos as it was not safe for me. Had a jab of Prostap to stop ovaries, spent the next night throwing up, have been measuring fluid intake and output all the time, and had blood samples every 2 days. Finally allowed to come back home today!! Am now OK - no bloating, and fed up of cranberry juice. Good news was that out of 42 eggs 19 were at the right genetic stage, and 14 fertilised (normally only 9 expected to)They froze 10 - so I will begin again in November. We have enough embryos for 2 or 3 goes so I won't have to go through stimulation adn EC for a while - Thank God. <br>Disappointed that I have nothing inside me but it was an awful few days. Just glad to be back home.<br><br>So if Rachel T is around, sorry I didn't do it this time. Any decisions about your next try? Also, anybody there who has done FET?<br>Go for follow up on 12th August.<br><br>take care ,and I hope to see this site with more postings _ where are they all?<br>Michelle x :-)
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back from a nightmare ICSI

Postby Rach T » Mon Jul 29, 2002 7:55 pm

Hiya Michelle<br><br>I can't believe we've both had such a rough ride these past few weeks - Ive sent you an email so I hope you get it!!<br><br>Thinking of you hon<br><br>Love<br><br>Rach T
Rach T
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back from a nightmare ICSI

Postby elaine » Mon Jul 29, 2002 10:13 pm

Hi <br><br>I recently had my first EC and thought 22 eggs was a lot. My god no wonder you were so ill. It's great news that they have frozen 10 for you and you have time to recover a bit. I was really bloated and in pain for days after the ec so I can't imagine how you feel. I hope you feel better soon. <br>I'm waiting on my pg test on Weds and can't stand this waiting. Have done 2 tests (both positive) and just hope the hcg is out of my system and they are accurate. <br><br>Take care<br><br>Elaine
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