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Leftover Meds from IVF cycle HERE

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Leftover Meds from IVF cycle HERE

Postby not hopeless yet » Sun May 17, 2009 7:03 pm

I just finished my 2nd IVF and my ER is scheduled for this tues. I know we shouldn't sell drugs on this site but I just want to cover my co-pay and know someone out there would appreciate not paying full price for their next IVF cycle. Here's what I have:

1 package of IC Apri 28day (generic Desogen) birth control pills
4 single use injections of Ganirelix Acetate 250mcg
10 single use Crinone progesterone 8% vaginal applicators (1.125g gel each tube, 90mg progesterone each tube)
1 Gonal F 900IU pen, with 20 unopened needle heads, gauze, and alcohol wipes
mini sharps container

Nothing needs to be refrigerated except the GonalF once it has been opened. Expirations are as follows:
BCpills 06/10
Ganirelix 09/10
Crinone 03/11
Gonal F 08/10

Private Message me if you're interested. Good luck to us all!
not hopeless yet
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