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Acu, yoga & other natural therapies

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Acu, yoga & other natural therapies

Postby nidhi » Tue May 26, 2009 12:05 am

We hear that Acupuncture and Yoga are getting popular. And also reflexology. Did anyone try chinese medicine. My acupuncturist also offers chinese meds and claimes, it helped a number of couples to have a baby. I also saw her name on the newspaper.

I am really keen to try. But My RE is not excited as the outcomes and side effects are not clear. Actually he is saying no.

Anyone has any experience or story about chinese meds? Keen to hear.

Me 39; DH 39
Many clomid cycles
3 IUIs
IVF 1: Nov 2008, low respond due to low dose
IVF 2: Jan 2009, BFP, m/c @ week8
IVF 3: May 2009, BFN
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