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Please do not misuse the forum

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Please do not misuse the forum

Postby Sara30 » Fri Jun 12, 2009 3:54 pm

This is not an advertising site we are a group of women and sometimes men who have one wish in our lives to conceive a baby, unfortunately for all of us on here we can not conceive a baby without help from doctors, nurses, donors lots of intrusive medical procedures and a great deal of heartache. I find your advertising on this very sensitive site which some of us use as a lifeline at times very offensive and extremely rude considering what this site is about. I would respectfully ask you to consider our feelings and remove your advertising from here and allow this forum do what it is here to do and that is to offer support to the men and women on here who have to live with infertility in their lives.

Thankyou in anticipation of you removing your advertising.
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