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Message for Woppa

Postby Charmaine » Thu Oct 17, 2002 9:25 am

Just a quickie - thought it might help. When I had my last IVF (which resulted in a full term pregnancy) I also had bleeding and positive test results. This was due to the other embryo's not embedding and coming away. Maybe this is the same with you.<br><br>Anyway have a good weekend - try to relax and keep positive<br><br>Lots of love<br>Charmaine<br>xx
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Message for Woppa

Postby woppa » Thu Oct 17, 2002 9:29 am

Thanks charmaine,<br>You've cheered me up !!! Thats what hubbie said.<br>I'm a bloody nervous wreck --its terrible!!<br>anyway will speak to you all soon<br>thanks for you all getting me through this 2 ww<br>lots of love<br>Elaine & Dh<br>xxxxxxxxxx
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Message for Woppa

Postby fiona_lk » Thu Oct 17, 2002 9:39 am

Hi Woppa,<br><br>(Bloody workmate wouldn't go away, so couldn't reply sooner)<br><br>Its a nightmare isn't it! I'm running off to the loo so often at work(knicker checking), I'm sure its been noticed ;) What a great inspiration you are, Charmaine, thanks - and I hope that you too are feeling OK.<br><br>My thoughts are with you both - take it easy Elaine and enjoy the view on your journey (but don't let dh enjoy it with you!)<br><br>lol<br><br><br>Fiona xxx
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