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I had IVF in India.....Im 49

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I had IVF in India.....Im 49

Postby feliztjb » Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:55 pm

Hi to all the over 40s who want a baby
Finally met Mr Right....but it was too late for me found out I was menopausal.We both want children but little money available so we looked abroad and met the doctors in Barcelona cos they were at a fertility conference there.We were treated like royalty and the staff and clinic were first class.Sadly our first 3 attempts were unsuccessful but we are not giving up and we are going back this year as the clinic have guaranteed us a pregnancy for a set amount of money.Ive had a hysteroscopy and theres no reason I cant conceive so fingers crossed.....and its never to late ladies
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Postby Angela37firsttimeivf » Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:20 pm

Wow, respect to you. Sorry your attempts didn't work. How exactly can they guarantee a pregnancy though? I'm 3 months away from 40, currently on my 7th attempt and and slowly losing hope, but that is very inspiring!
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Postby feliztjb » Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:52 pm

Hi Angela
Thanks for your email.Initially we had fresh donor eggs and used my partners sperm( taken at source cos he´d had a vasectomy) for the first 2 cycles and then used frozen embryos and donor sperm.
The clinic are confident I will eventually conceive so I can have as many cycles as is needed to become pregnant.We have a great relationship with the clinic and spent 5months in total in India and are prepared to do that again.India is like our second home and once our baby is born we will be returning on a regular basis so he/she is aware of their roots.Plus we already have Indian friends there and last time we were there we met a mum and dad with their 2week old baby boy who was conceived on their 4th try.Infact they had a chart in the clinic and while we were there on average there were 3 pregnancies a week and one of the older women I met who had IVF the same day as me fell pregnant the 1st time! You just got to believe it will happen.....
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