Insensitive Remarks that People Make and Pet Peeves

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Re: Insensitive Remarks that People Make and Pet Peeves

Post by SomedayMaybe » Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:33 pm

AUGH! I completely understand where you're coming from, girl. Everyone seems to think it's such a simple task to bring a child into the world. Sure, lots of teenage girls can have sex once and get pregnant, but we're ALL INDIVIDUALS! People are different and so our bodies are different. I think what also bugs me are the parents that just FLAUNT their children in your face when they don't darn well you're having trouble. OOooo! It makes me so mad! :evil:
Someday Maybe
People just tell me to keep track of my ovulation like it's SO simple. One day people will understand. :(


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Re: Insensitive Remarks that People Make and Pet Peeves

Post by annashope » Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:18 am

Well I completely understand and I feel like I have heard most of these unfortunately RRHHH! However my most frustrating is when I reached out to a friend for comfort as I was miscarrying after my IVF worked and she answered back " everything that happens is God's good will" ugh it made me so mad. I mean I am very spiritual but I did not want to hear that it was God's will that my baby died" people are so insensitive.
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Re: Insensitive Remarks that People Make and Pet Peeves

Post by LisaB75 » Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:31 pm

I was at a huge family gathering one time about 5 years ago - I have lots of siblings and tons of cousins and almost all of them have kids. It was well known in my family that my DH and I had been trying for 3 years with no luck. My cousin's wife (who at that time was pg with her 2nd) came and sat down next to me and said "so, doesn't it bother you to see all of these little kids running around knowing that you can't have your own"? What a b*tch! I literally just laughed and said "what a question!" and got up and walked away. When I had my daughter in 06 - she did not come to my shower and had barely acknowledged her presence in the last 4 years. For some reason this chic just hates me I guess... wish I woulda punched her...but that's not really my style... lol!
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