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Postby alexntamara » Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:46 am

Hi there I am writing on behalf of my sister, in November of 08" my sister did a fresh cycle, got BFP!!! TWIN girls, unfortuantely she lost them at 22 weeks, it was devasting for her, but she kept positive and just completed a frozen cycle on 8/15 three were put in, a good, a fair and a poor, on 8/18 hpt's neg --i know this was early but i am crazy i have been thru the invitro process myself 3 times, but anyways, on 8/20 faint positive's on 4 out of 6 hpt's, on 8/21 she used first morning pee and it was still as faint as day before, but i told her dont be discouraged, so that night she came to my house and i gave her a digital test and it read pregnant!!! Well than the nurse called from the fertility doctors office to say that her progesterone levels are 15 and she needed to increase 1.5mls (PIO) this morning she took the digital pregnancy test (same one as yesterday) only for it to read not pregnant!!!

I am wondering has anyone had success stories knowing they were get + hpts and than had low progesterone levels and continued on with a health pregnancy! I just want this so badly for her, losing her twin babies was so heart breaking for her.
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