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UK Petition

Postby indigo1208 » Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:34 am

Hi All

I'm Indigo and I am currently petitioning the UK government to raise public awareness of infertility to try and remove the "taboo" that surrounds it in daily life. The hope is that it means that those going through their infertility journey will feel they can talk openly and find support in other areas of society instead of feeling isolated pr pigeonholed by the media (the classic career lady must have left it too late etc). These assumptions are largely due to a lack of information and edcation of people in general meaning that many have a lack of understanding of the reality of infertility and the issues that surround it.

The petition also calls for the Prime Minister to introdue and enforce employment laws which protect those people (men or women) who undergo fertility treatment - it highlights that many employers view fertility treatments as an elective treatment however this is not the case....no-one chooses to be infertile!

If you are interested in signing the petition then please have a look:-

Health, well-being and care - Open petitions | Number10.gov.uk

I would also be delighted if you would forward this to family and friends for them to sign if you feel this is appropriate.

The deadline for signatures is 19 September 2009 and I am making a last bid attempt to get as many signatures as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Babyust to all.


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