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bleeding - is it normal?

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bleeding - is it normal?

Postby MichelleS » Thu Aug 01, 2002 1:46 pm

Hi all!<br><br>As you know had horrendous EC and no transfer due to OHSS. Am back to mormal as is the thrush! But I started spotting quite a bit this morning - does anyone know if this is normal? The doctor did say that he had left alone a few small follicles when doing the EC so could it be that? <br> A little bit worried as I have not had type of bleed at all during the cycle (come to that not had a natural period fow over 3 years!!)<br>Should I contact nurses at the hospital?<br><br>take care - good to see more people getting pregnant - hope to join them sometime!<br><br>Michelle :-0)<br><br>
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