For those that have done multiple IVFs, how do you afford it

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For those that have done multiple IVFs, how do you afford it

Post by lkmisc » Thu Nov 05, 2009 5:06 am

Just curious when I read about women that have done numerious IVF cycles and just wondering how they afford it. Does your insurance cover it and if so, who is your insurer?

P.S. I turn 44 next month. We were successful on our first IVF try just 3 months shy of my 43rd birthday. Had 28 eggs, of which 20 fertilized, of which 16 were considered excellent. However, only 5 eggs remained after day 3 (I was shocked at the low outcome considering how many originally fertilized). Two were implanted, resulting in one bouncing baby boy, and 3 were frozen.

Hoping to try for baby #2 next year with an FET, though I am fearful about the 3 not thawing or implanting and whether I would be too old for another fresh IVF (not to mention being able to even afford it).

Lastly, in order to do the FET, I have to have two periods in a row, and I am still breastfeeding, but plan to wean in a couple of months. So, bit stressor is when AF will start, as I have heard it can take as long as 2 years!

Anyone else in a similar boat?


Natalie Anne
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Post by Natalie Anne » Thu Nov 05, 2009 3:58 pm


we have medical insurance (BUPA) but it doesn't cover ivf treatment. However, it does cover investigations such as hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and some blood tests. Everything else we paid for ourselves, mainly by borrowing money at 0% interest from my very kind father and by cutting back on everything - holidays, food, clothes, going out etc.

Congratulations on your first success and here's hoping you get your AF soon!

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Post by momwant2b » Sat Nov 07, 2009 8:23 pm

Saved as much as we could and then maxed out the low interest credit card....
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Post by Hope644 » Sat Jan 02, 2010 3:01 am

momwant2b is right. saving and using cc's - better to go into debt for a baby than new duds or a sporty car -- I'd rather drive a beat up mini-van with a carseat in the back, ya know? ;)

we also took advantage of our HELOC the first time and when we start again in a few weeks (Jan 2010) - we are taking advantage of our employer's flexible medical spending accounts. We can use the money upfront (like credit) and the full amount is deducted tax free (and interest free - unlike loans!!) throughout the year from our paychecks. Since we both work for the same company, we can both do our own and both can be used for any family member, so the full amount can be used for my treatment. The only caveat, they wouldn't allow the use for treatment if we had to use donor eggs, sperm or if we had to use a surrogate - thankfully, we don't.

Congrats Linda - on your first baby! and baby dust for your next cycle... we may be going through this whole process again together. ;)
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Post by Leogirl » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:26 pm

Good question! We are currently saving $ for ICSI - our plan is to live a simpler lifestyle and save money - less going out, less shopping, etc. At the same time, we do allow ourselves a life and enjoy many weekends at home playing games or watching movies, entertaining at home.

Of course, always easier said than done - something always comes up that we have to dip into our savings for - car breaks down, new tires, birthdays, christmas, etc. We're learning to balance everything!

Good luck!
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