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For Fiona

Postby Jules » Fri Oct 18, 2002 11:52 am

Fiona<br><br>Words aren't going to describe this very well but I'll give it my best try.<br><br>I wanted to say how so very sorry I was to read your last post. I was actually thinking and praying for you on Thursday morning, and was so happy for you when I read your initial tentative news.<br><br>You have always been there for me on this site and I just feel awful now to post my news after reading yours.<br><br>I know these are only words but I'm sending you and dh a big big hug and now's the time to really pamper yourself and give yourself some time. <br><br>I hope we can still stay in touch and my heart goes out to you<br><br>LOL Jules xxxxx
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