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The wait is really getting to me any advice?

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The wait is really getting to me any advice?

Postby Goodison » Fri Oct 18, 2002 12:55 pm

Hi there ladies my names Helen.For the last 17 years ive tried just about everything to have a second child(i have a daughter 18).Firstly i was diagnosed with unexplained secondary infertility.Followed by polycystic ovaries, hormone imbalance.These problems lapsed several times over the years and in addition to my daughter ive had 5 miscarriages and in nov last year i had an ectopic.We were told initially that i could still get pregnant naturally.The consultant we were under has since told us ,that that isnt the case,and because of my mental state at the time (lost baby 19th nov finally went home boxing day)she felt it best not to say that naturall conception was now impossible.We are now waiting to start ivf at Sheffield.Its been a long hard slog this year as ive had to loose drastic amount of weight(5 stone 3pound so far!)now im at the right weight im raring to go,i will be 38 in dec dh42 .Ive read of many sucess stories on this and other web sights,but have serious reservations that this will work for me after all these years.Any one been trying as long?How do you cope,?Some days i wonder just how much more i can put myself through.We have our follow up app 5th nov for scan to gaige ovarian accesability.Fingers crossed that its all ok.We had hoped that wed get a cycle of treatment in this year but because its coming up for the anniversary we lost our last baby,and xmas shut down it looks like next year.Just maybe 2003 will be the year we finally get to hold our much longed for baby.Hope someone answers this message really need to conect with others going through the same.Wishing every body good luck with their treatment.Helen
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The wait is really getting to me any advice?

Postby fiona_lk » Fri Oct 18, 2002 3:22 pm

Hi Helen,<br><br>Welcome to the site - I hope that you will find it as invaluable as I have.<br><br>Although I can only officially say that I have been trying to conceive for about 4 and a half years, this baby business has been haunting me one way or another for going on 12 years. Starting with an ex-husband who wouldn't entertain the idea of planning for children, to my current dh (darling husband) having 96% abnormal sperm.<br><br>Again, although never had the experience of miscarriages, I know that every treatment cycle failure is soul destroying and all here truely understand your distress.<br><br>I'm fairly sure that I will be cycling again early in the new year, and I'm not far away in M/cr. I know there are others who will be doing the same. Aren't you JC for one?<br><br>The thing to remember is that you now have an outlet for emotions and a source of information. No question or statement will be looked on as trivial or silly - we've all asked/said them ourselves.<br><br>I'm banking on 2003 having a baby boom of us IVFer's!!!!<br><br>Take Care<br><br><br>Fiona xxxx<br>
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