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in virtro fertilization helping hand

Postby timkent12 » Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:02 am

My wife and I have been married for 10 years now and the only thing my wife has ever wanted is a child of her own. But unfortunately we were put in a position where that would not happen the natural way. In our second year of marriage my wife developed fibroid tumors that had to be removed. During the operation the doctor came out and informed me that there was a complication that was unforeseen. He told me that both of her fallopian tubes needed to be removed or she would have serious complications. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life. When it was over my wife was devastated. I blame myself for her pain since I am the one who approved the removal. I have asked God to forgive me but I cant even for give my self. So after a few years she had healed completely so we decided to try in virtro fertilization. We had 25000.00 in savings so we spent it on the procedure and my wife got pregnant.

We thought God had finally blessed us with a child. 3 months later she had a miscarriage. Once again my wife was devastated. The doctors told us that if we tried again there were special drugs they could use to help her go to term and not have another miscarriage. But unfortunately it would cost another 25000.00 to try again and I just did not have the money. So once again I have failed my wife's desire to have a child. With the economy the way it is I just cant save up that kind of money so as a last resort I have set up this web site hoping other people, Christians at heart who have the joy of raising children of their own would be willing to donate money to help us have one more try at having a family. My wife does not know that I have made this site since I feel she would be in embarrassed by her personal pain and despair being sent out over the net. I have created a pay pal link where donations can be made. It does not matter how much you give 1.00 100.00 what ever you can spare to make my wife's dream com true. Now I know allot of people feel these kind of of web sites are scams. Unfortunately that is the kind of world we have become. But I tell you this. I am a true believer in the Lord our Savior Jesus. I believe all things are possible. I have prayed on this and as embarrassing is this is I have come to the end of my ability to make 25000.00 dollars on my own. So all I ask is if you read this that you open your heart and donate what ever you can to make a beautiful christian women happy and blessed with a child.

Child of God
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We were married August 28 1999 in Michigan. We have had a long time loving relationship that has endured much heart ache over having a child. I suggested adoption but she wants a child that was created by us together the way God had intended. We moved to Round Rock Texas two years ago because they have a great in vitro fertilization program at Seton Medical Center. I had hoped with the better Texas economy and lower cost of living I would be able to save up the money. I love my wife with all my heart. I would do anything to help her give birth to our child even go as far as begging for help on line. This decision was very hard for me but when you truly love some one you will sacrifice your dignity to help the one you love.

Tim Kent

round rock, TX 78665

please come visit us at http://invirtrofertilizationhelpindhand.com/
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