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The effect on foot

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The effect on foot

Postby ramray » Thu Apr 22, 2010 9:46 am

Apart from our expectations, things are there which are capable to create a slow and unknown death to our body and life.

Smokers tend to deal with frequent ulcers in the feet. In some cases, the ulcers can be painful too. Considering the ill health of the feet, these ulcers take a lot longer to heal than the usual and can hamper the mobility of an individual. Besides, smoking also causes opening or cuts in the feet.

The cuts or openings that happens so, creates a deep wound, which took lots of time that will either take a long time to get cure or which cannot be cured. The wounds so called may seems to be silly at first, but as smokers, people should handle it with great care and if possible should consider it as a Way to quit smoking .
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