Update on Sunshine

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Update on Sunshine

Post by Sunshine1576 » Wed Oct 13, 2010 12:49 am

Has anyone else experienced heartburn from drinking Sprite? Maybe it's just nerves...I go in tomorrow for our first pg test and then repeat the bloodtest on Friday to see if the numbers go up. Really pray this cycle works but in the meantime I need something to pre-occupy my mind. Thankful my job helps some, but at night this is all I can think about and often don't sleep. Tomorrow may not mean much, but Friday will determine if something really is happening... All my husband can say is if this doesn't work is honey we just spend 10,000.00 dollars, but the truth is we would give up my house to have a baby. Eleven years together and this is our only obstacle... I feel blessed to have found him and know someday we will have that family we've been praying for.

P.S I'm still new to this site. Is it me or is it hard to read the latest updates? What I mean is it seems that we have to stroll down to read the latest post. I gotten where I look at the date and then stroll down to read today's post, but is there an easier way?
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Re: Update on Sunshine

Post by Phyona » Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:14 pm

Hi Sunshine,

Does Pg test stand for pregnancy test? If it does then I wish you the best of luck... I can completley understand your situation as I also cannot afford to do another cycle... It is totally normal for you to feel nervous...

Yes it is difficult to see updates.. if you look against the side of the thread then you can see who was the last person to update... Thats how i do it anyway... :)

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