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Back from the brink!!

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Back from the brink!!

Postby Rach T » Tue Jul 30, 2002 8:30 pm

Hello Ladies<br><br>Just wanted to say hi to everyone and to thank you all for your encouraging words during the past two weeks.<br><br>Hubs and I got back home yesterday after spending 10 days in Devon after our total ICSI failure. It's so amazing how the passing of time is such a great healer. We both shut ourselves off from the world for about a week cos emotions were running too high but I'm pleased to say that we are now almost back to normal ( whatever that is ) and I'm back to work next week ( but dreading going back!!)<br><br>We've got an appointment on monday at the clinic to discuss what we're going to do next - I think it will be more us telling them and them listening really! We have decided that we have just been amazingly unlucky with none of our eggs fertilising on the last go and basically I want to go on a stronger dose of Gonal F to try and produce more eggs and we will have them injected with hubby's sperm. <br><br>My consultant suggested that we should inject half the next lot of eggs with donor sperm so we have a back up should nothing happen with hubby's but I just feel that this is then not giving my hubs's sperm the chance that they need so if it doesn't work next time then we have to serioulsy rethink our plans.<br><br>Anyway - that's my news really. I hope that everyone who is cycling, 2wwing or just reading the site is ok and getting to grips with this new layout.<br><br>Talk soon, take care everyone<br><br>LOL<br><br>Rach T
Rach T
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Back from the brink!!

Postby Tee » Thu Aug 01, 2002 5:35 pm

Hello Rach T,<br>Glad to hear that you're doing OK, after your recent nightmares. There's nothing like a holiday to help ease the pains is there? Just take care of yourself once you get back into the normal world. <br>You sound very positive and prepared for what's going to happen next, and I must say I admire you for sticking by your guns and giving hub's fellas another chance.<br>Could I ask what the specific problem is with him? My hub has low motility, and it's really been improved by taking a bunch of supplements. Specifically L-Arginine and L-Carnitine. Those who know me of old will know that I'm always banging on about Foresight, and it's obviously not that good cos it's not worked for us, but as I say, it helped his sperm count and motility. I hope he's doing the boxers and no hot baths too.<br>Good luck at your follow up appointment, and keep in touch.<br>You know what they say, every cycle is different so hopefully you'll get further off the ground next time.<br>Love Tee xxx
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