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what your views are?

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what your views are?

Postby sammy » Wed Oct 23, 2002 4:05 pm

hiya,pretty new to this site,but wondered what your views are on whats best to do after e/t whilst waiting the two weeks this is our 3rd go at icsi and 1st time i went straight back to work,2nd time i didnt and fell pregnant but miscarried at 9 weeks.i start to sniff on monday and i dodnt know what to do for the best.at the hospital they say carry on as normal.????????????
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what your views are?

Postby Louise » Wed Oct 23, 2002 5:32 pm

Hi Sammy<br>I am on my first time ISCI and am currently on day 7 2ww and it is driving me mad. I am off work so am doing nothing but relaxing. I try to go out about once a day for a walk or something to take my mind off things. I know they say carry on as normal, but my view is to listen to your body and if you need to rest, rest which you can't do at work.<br>Talk to you soon<br>Lots of love<br>Louise
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what your views are?

Postby Alison » Wed Oct 23, 2002 5:54 pm

Hi Sammy - I'm in a similar situation to you, am just about to have my 3rd go (hope to start stims next week). I took about a week off in total each of the last two times. This time though I'm planning to take less time off - probably just the e/c day and 2 days at e/t. This is partly because I'm trying to carry on as normally as possible so I don't get my hopes up, and partly because I'm crap at doing nothing and think I'm probably more stressed sitting at home worrying about what's going on than I would be at work trying to take my mind off things. But its really down to personal preference - personally I don't believe working or not (unless you have a job as a weight-lifter or something!) really makes any significant difference to whether the IVF works, but if you feel that it might (which I'd understand, given your circumstances) and you'd feel that by going back to work you'd reduce your chance of succeeding then you should take the time off.<br><br>Best wishes whatever you decide to do<br><br>Alison
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what your views are?

Postby DEBORAH » Wed Oct 23, 2002 9:13 pm

I am on my 1st attempt of IVF and currently on day7 of 2ww and presonnally I feel better for giving myself time off work due to stress etc at work (not at home)but I must admit I am bored with nothing to do but sit around watching TV or on the computer.<br>I think everybody is different in their views and it is how you feel near the time.<br>GOOD LUCK and keep posting<br>Love Debsx
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